The New Value Creation Exhibition 2022
Outline of the event

Outline of the event

In addition to the basic domains of creating new value and developing new markets, the New Value Creation Exhibition 2022 will focus on the "SDGs", which are international guidelines for companies to fulfill as global citizens, and "productivity improvement", which has become an important issue not only in Japan but also worldwide. The "Main Stage" and "Special Exhibitions" will be presented at both the on-site exhibition and the online exhibition.
Themes of the event SDGs, Productivity Improvement

Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have developed through repeated transformations based on creative ideas and technologies. The "New Value Creation Exhibition 2022" will be an opportunity for business matching to create new value that will be the basis for this transformation and realize solutions to corporate and social issues. We will connect the needs of exhibitors and visitors to promote the co-creation of new value.

iconNew value Creation Exhibition 2022
(18th Small and Medium Business Expo Tokyo)

Dates December 14(Wed.)~16(Fri.),2022
Number of Exhibitors Approx.300 companies and institutions
Venue Tokyo big Sight East6

iconNew Value Creation Exhibition 2022 Online

Dates December 1(Thu.),2022,10:00am ~23(Fri.),2022,5:00pm. 23days
Number of Exhibitors Approx. 350 companies and institutions
Online Venue

Common Overview

Organizer Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan
Support Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Japan Patent Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry; Tokyo Metropolitan Government; National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology; New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization; Japan External Trade Organization; Japan International Cooperation Agency; Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Central Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry; National Federation of Small Business Association of Japan; Japan Finance Corporation; Japan Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd; Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment and Consultation Co.,Ltd; National Conference of the Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs

Exhibit Category

"The New Value Creation Exhibition 2022" will feature exhibitors in 11 categories related to the following industries and technologies. Each category will be used to divide the venue into areas for on-site exhibition, as well as for the exhibitor search function in the online exhibition. We will design the exhibition so that visitors can access exhibitor information quickly and realize business matching efficiently.

  • Processing and molding

    Processing machinery and technology, precision machining, production technology, metal molds, 3D printers

  • Surface treatment and bonding

    Decoration, surface treatment, surface modification and coating, adhesion and bonding

  • Machinery parts and equipment

    Motors, pumps, screws, springs, bearings, gears, seals, tools and consumables, manufacturing equipment

  • Electrical and electronics equipment

    electronic circuits and components, embedded technology, electronic and electrical equipment, lighting equipment and technology

  • Measurement Analysis & Testing

    Equipment, instruments, materials, and services related to analysis, measurement, inspection, testing, and experimentation

  • Information and Communication

    IoT, ICT, Information, Communication and Network, Information Processing, Image Processing

  • Materials

    Metals, resins/plastics/rubbers, ceramics/glass, nanomaterials/carbon fibers, functional materials, lubricants/wear-resistant materials/low-wear materials, biomaterials, fibers/paper/pulp, etc.

  • Control & Robotics

    Various robots and robot components, drones, automated driving and automation, sensors, control equipment

  • Logistics & Transportation

    Equipment, materials related to transportation, storage, packaging, cargo handling, and distribution processing

  • Software

    Software, systems, and services related to design, simulators, quality control, production control, remote management, maintenance, AI, skill transfer, etc.

  • Other

    Products, technologies, and services of industry, technology, etc. that do not fall into the above categories