Reasonably priced and robust “Compact liquid discharge pump” with unique shape and operations not available in existing productsShoyoseiki Co.,Ltd


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The “Compact liquid discharge pump” developed in-house. A robust product reasonably priced at 35,000 yen (excluding taxes)

Points to be noted

  • Develop new in-house products through expansion of the core business of aluminum processing
  • Flexible use of the company’s technological strengths to develop new products, and willingness to take on new challenges

Since around 20 years, Shoyo Seiki Co., Ltd. has been operating day and night with more than 20 machining centers focusing on aluminum processing. “Customer satisfaction” comes first for the company who have been improving their processing techniques with the goal of realizing the cost, delivery time and quality with a customer-centric approach.

Specializing in aluminum processing technology and pursuing high quality and low cost, the company has developed business with a goal of becoming a “Pioneer in advancing metalworking”. The company not only undertakes make-to-order production from customers but has also been consciously involved in product development by applying the technological capabilities cultivated through experience. For example, around 25 years back, the company developed cleaning equipment for commercial CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs, and they have a track record of supplying to major software rental companies and dealers of used software. However, with the decline in demand due to the widespread use of the Internet, the company started development of their next product. One of the products they developed was the “Compact liquid discharge pump”. This pump is used to supply lubricating oils, cutting oils, antifoaming agents, and abrasive solutions, etc. to industrial machines, adding seasonings in food manufacturing, injecting fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals in hydroponics.

The product features as told by Mr. Takashi Sato, representative director of the company, are summarized below.
〇Low product price by making use of the in-house aluminum processing technology
〇More robust than resin molded products metal is used
〇The tube has a long service life, and easily replaceable. Tube diameter cannot be changed in regular tube pumps. However, in this pump, tubes of different diameters can be used by just replacing the tube fixing base (3,000 yen)
〇It is possible to quickly change the length and direction in which the tube is used
〇When the tube becomes flat, it can be easily rotated by 90 degrees
〇Regular tube pumps are circular, and the liquid is pumped out by pressing the tube with 2 to 4 rollers rotating in the center, this may cause the tube to flatten, peeling of the inner surface of the tube. This pump uses a plunger to press the tube from outside. Flattening and peeling of the tube is less likely as three pistons are used, with the middle piston pressing the tube to discharge the liquid by reducing its volume inside the tube
〇There is hardly any damage compared to other company products when pumping cells for biochemistry earning the pump a good reputation from medical device manufacturers

Fixing base for small-diameter tubes

Mr. Sato said, “In the future, we will focus on PR and sales at exhibitions such as New Value Creation Exhibition, and product advertisements in trade newspapers. We also plan to develop online sales”.
The company has received orders from 2 mechanical device manufacturers. Both the companies are aiming to sell their products by incorporating the pump. The company has been receiving inquiries for using the pump in applications ranging from cosmetics and equipment for adding food seasonings, to maintenance and lubrication of equipment and machinery, the supply of abrasives, and related medical equipment.
The pump can be used for a variety of purposes such as fish farm equipment, research institutes, and its use need not be restricted to only manufacturing equipment and machinery. The company aims to differentiate itself from other companies and develop markets by focusing on providing customized products.

The development of the “Compact liquid discharge pump” is said to have its origin in another product, the “Humidifying heater” that was under development and had earned the reputation of having a “Pump with high performance”. The pump was separated from the product, and its development was continued as a standalone part. This example shows the flexibility with which the company undertakes development. The company's business is growing with its willingness to take on new challenges to promote the development of unique products that go beyond the core business of aluminum processing.

Interview Date: February 25, 2019


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Since the start of business, we have 50 years of experience from milling machine processing through machining center processing. Based on this expertise, we manufacture and sell our self-developed products. This time, we have launched the production and sale of two types of small liquid pumps.

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