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You can understand "Where" the majority of watched target persons are and support nursing care sites.NESI Inc.


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We realized "Simultaneous majority" security. Watch over position information management service "Eyes"

Learnning Points

  • Planning ability to commercialize elemental technology specialized for needs.
  • Corporate attitude aiming to create a stem of new business

According to the estimate of supply and demand of care workers for the year 2025 by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, there is a shortage of more than 370,000 people compared to the expected 2.53 million people. In this situation, we will streamline the work of nursing care workers Various IT products are starting to appear, the "Eyes" developed by NESI Corporation is a new security system that improves the watching task by accurately grasping the whereabouts of the watching target. At the planning stage, we assumed security applications that perceive the movement of outpatients at research facilities, etc. Focusing on the actual needs of the nursing care industry as described above, development was advanced in a form specialized for watching care applications.

Wearing a small Bluetooth terminal called BLE beacon, the target person carries it, it is detected and analyzed by the examination device installed in the hall, and it is displayed clearly on the building drawing and the sitemap. By not only tracking the current position but also grasping the history of the movement and staying time, it is possible to detect the trouble beforehand. Various systems have been introduced about watching support, but the feature of Eyes is that you can "Watch over" a large number of subjects at the same time. You can grasp more than 30 people at the same time and watch the area (Permanent, No entry, Boundary line) freely settable, and let you know the change by e-mail.

All the detected information can be seen with the browser of the personal computer or the tablet. When only the screen size of about a tablet is available, it is enough to check the information. In addition to reviewing the current position, position information from the past to the present. The number of attending guests can be displayed in a list as well as not only in the nursing care field but also widely watched for security and security applications, improving work efficiency, optimizing personnel and equipment, etc. For the use of services, BLE beacons and consultations There is no need to purchase a device, and if you have an internet environment or a personal computer, etc., you can use it with equipment cost. You can flexibly operate according to the change of watching target and the necessary period.

Since the movement of the watching target person can be tracked in chronological order, for example, an unnatural state such as "there is no movement for a certain period" can also be determined systematically. Also, by linking with other systems such as TV cameras and door sensors, it is also possible to realize a stable watching environment that has never existed before. Eyes already completed the system. Currently, it is experimentally installed in several facilities to collect data. In the future, we are planning to proceed with full-scale preparations towards market launch.

  • Since its founding, NESI Co., Ltd. has been in charge of comprehensive information system services such as computer operation and support, system development and technical information management in the nuclear field for over 30 years. And as one of our new initiatives, we started offering solutions using this position information positioning technology. Specialized in watching, the concept of systematizing "simultaneously" and "many" is unique. If it is launched in earnest, it will make you feel the possibility of changing the site of nursing care.

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