The cutting speed is twice as much that of the conventional one. Data transmit and receive speed is 10,000 times more. A fast and compact sample cutter that is "ARMA".HUMAN TECH Co.,Ltd


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A sample cutter to create samples such as one-of-a-kind item in die cutting . "ARMA" realized cutting speed twice as much as conventional (compared to our company's products).

Learnning Points

  • Eliminate a waste per each process, produce speed-sense.

Sample (digital) cutter "ARMA" that can cut from hard to soft materials such as paper boxes, returnable boxes, cardboard boxes, chemical products, leather materials and materials. The head part can be fitted with two tools and creasing push, realizing the cut speed twice as much than the conventional sample cutter product. Various rich blades and tools are available so that you can handle a variety of materials.

In addition to this, welding of a sponge or something like it, which causes blade breakage, can control the vibration frequency of the blade so that it can be cleanly cut without generating speed heat. Moreover, by being able to transmit data directly without conversion, the communication speed with the PC is 10,000 times higher than the conventional speed. Even with a large volume of data, it is possible to get into the machining process quickly.

Realization of speed and proposal.
The enterprises who were outsourcing samples also installed our ARMA, which can also produce both prototype and small lots, completed sample preparation in-house, and succeeded in receiving orders. Cases to reduce costs are also increasing. The sample cutter "ARMA" has created business opportunities one after another by eliminating the waste which becomes obvious per each process, increasing the speed, and coping with the multi-faceted situations.

  • It is a point to be conscious in every area that the conventional industrial structure changes only by eliminating the process that was required till now.
  • Improvement in cutting technology has potential in clothing field as well. If you are able to become cut soft suit cloths with a sample cutter, you can cut a piece of cloth quickly and automatically and advance sewing at the same time so that you might be able to produce higher quality products faster.

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We take on the tasks other company's can't. Numerous patents. Here are some examples. 1. Twin-head (Musashi): With the use of a single computer, a diagram can be cut simultaneously from left and right sides. 2. Digital cutting that simultaneously seals just like cut edges in mass production. (Good for drop tests.)

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