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Supporting living at home in an aging society
Nursing care renovation project improves a "troubled" situationUnivarsalSpace Co., Ltd


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Just by attaching a handrail it will be a great help for an independent life of the elderly


  • Bring knowledge and experience to different industries
  • Just one handrail will help the elderly live independent living.
  • Successfully shortened enforcement period with the original system
  • Dedicated to improving awareness of nursing care renovation.

Leverage the knowledge and experience of the former job in the nursing care industry

It is already a well-known fact that Japan is rapidly unprecedented in the world and the wave of aged birthrates is falling. In 2015, the number of people who need nursing care (including support required) exceeded 6.2 million, and the cost of nursing care exceeds 10 trillion, while opportunities to see the news that nursing homes are going bankrupt have also increased.

"Changing the situation of the house will be a solution to the lives of the elderly," says Mr. Endo Takuya representative of Universal Space Corporation, Inc. It is a venture company that is engaged in the "nursing care renovation business," such as elderly people to set up handrails in baths, toilets, stairs and the like and elimination of steps that are a common cause of falls of the elderly so that living independence at home is achieved and making it easy to live.

In the building industry for 11 years, Mr. Endo who experienced the construction of installing a handrail for nursing care while building new housing, only one of which was mainly involved in creating a new house. One of the needs considerably pushed him to develop a nursing care renovation business.
"I did not know the situation of care at the time at all," while saying that small care reforms such as the installation of handrails and elimination of bumps, there is always a need in the future, he realized that he could make use of his architectural knowledge.

The accumulation of courage and faith to leap

"Many people are in trouble, we responded to the need of the "troubled,"" Mr. Endo is humble, but the achievement of the nursing care renovation business that we did is about 10 times from 2010 to 2015 and has multiplied. The project has been steadily accumulating construction experience, but the way to this has never been flat.

The knowledge and sales experience for the nursing care industry was nearly zero, and the situation continued that we do not know what to do about half a year from the start of business. Based on the field experiences of construction and hands-on experience of only a few, we look back to the care manager of the Regional Comprehensive Support Center, which is the window of nursing care services, and it was a daily business day.
As a result of the initial order in renovation aimed at nursing care, we have built up trust and relationship with the nursing care industry with weapons of "speed, security, safety, and cheapness" as the weapon, resulting in 6 thousand cases and, in 2017 we have reached the number of construction care reforms above.

Improve efficiency by strengthening collaboration through cloud computing

As for nursing care renovation, the sales amount is small in proportion to labor, and it is difficult to monetize. Even under such circumstances, we were able to establish as a business, as a result of systematizing the creation of time-consuming documents such as drawings and estimates, realizing nursing care renovation construction in a significantly shorter period than usual. It is a construction that can monetize by performing construction numbers even at low price./p>

Our systematized business model acquired business model patents as a "Nursing care reform support system." It will be possible to manage the cooperation of related companies such as care recipients and care managers and welfare equipment suppliers in the cloud, and by making it more efficient, it will be possible to respond quickly to the needs of the elderly.

To solve the problem that the world faces as well as in Japan

However, awareness of nursing care reform in the general public is low. Mr. Endo analyzes it as one of the reasons that it is hard to be perceived that "It may be impossible to return to home because of an injury while it is young and it is difficult to imagine situations that require nursing care."

It is no exaggeration to say that supporting the independence of the elderly is the most critical issue shortly for Japan. Before the aging society, we hold free training experiences sessions, etc., and are sending daily efforts to the franchise to spread the care reform business.

The wave of aging is not a problem inherent in Japan; it is also a problem that the countries around the world face. Mr. Endo who thinks "The body is old in the world without being able to communicate” disseminates the necessity of renovation to not only Japan but also the world as a nursing care reform business operator, and we aim to offer it to many people.

Approach to nursing care refurbishment like us is very important for support of independent living in the regional comprehensive care system promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare." Older adults themselves are not even aware of themselves having any problems.
Also, as many seniors do not want to receive nursing care as much as possible, they want to live independent living at home. It is noticed that "to respond to the desired voice" as seen in our attitude is the real-life support.
If we look at the concept of barrier-free, it will be applicable not only to the elderly but also to disabled people. In addition to home remodeling, renovation of public institutions and food and entertainment facilities is likely to be indirect support for the elderly to live independent lives.

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