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Stainless steel pipe manufacturing/processing technology realizing ultrafine and thinner outer diameter of 0.05 mm and the inner diameter of 0.02 mm gains excellent confidence from the medical industry


  • Stainless steel pipes are thin and thin to the limit
  • Show the process of evolution of technology at the exhibition
  • Differentiate by concentrating on the creation of added value

Skinny and thin stainless steel pipe pursuing thinness

"0.05", "0.02" These two numbers are figures expressing the features of Ohbakiko Co., Ltd. It is a manufacturer of the manufacturing and processing technology of stainless steel pipes that are thin and thinner than one hair. The numbers above represents the 0.05 mm outside diameter and 0.02 mm inner diameter, and in the field of stainless steel, we have confidence in the industry's first processing technology.

Utilization of ultrafine and thin pipes is used in many fields including semiconductors, electronic devices, writing instruments, toys, but the area that we are mainly focused on is the medical field. CEO, Mr. Masaharu Ohba, made pipe with medical equipment manufacturers before the founding, and it is quite natural for us to focus on providing stainless steel pipes for the medical field. At the time when the injection needle changed from the errand-use era to the disposable period, it was difficult for CEO to win the future competition by quickly making a manufacturing process suitable for mass production to cope with the increase in orders. From the judgment, we started a challenge to product development with high added value.

Even if we can not find the application, we will exhibit new products every year

We do not manufacture and sell products, but it is a company that produces and processes parts to the last.

"We will make new ingredients anyway and let many people see it. We will be able to see the niche that we can do by seeing it in various fields. The aim is to ask them to look at a different viewpoint from us. "

That is what Mr. Naohiro Sano of the company management department speaks about. It has been exhibited for 30 years at various exhibitions, saying, "What is new this year?" It is noted that the number of visitors who greeted us with interest increased every year.

The ultrafine thin-walled stainless steel pipe was also completed as a technique 15 years ago, but the trigger was three years ago an ophthalmologist saw at the exhibition site. It is a moment when the needs of the era caught up with the company's technology.

Pride that we have worked on what no one tried to do

Although the needs had come to be seen now in the ultrafine material thinning market of materials, when at the time we started development, there is a doubt that" what can you use it for? And it was unclear whether there was something after creating.

Only skinny and thin is not enough to meet the demand in the medical field. Both needs must be satisfied, such as reducing the pain by thinning the pipe in operation and widening the inner diameter to facilitate medication.

Because we were pursuing technology, we were able to provide something that meets that requirement quickly.

This is a story not only in the medical industry but also in the destination of sales channels. We have already had a technology that can meet the needs in each field, such as a mini 4WD lightweight shaft, starting with a multifunction pen tank in toys and writing instruments, an anti-fall camera for security cameras, sensor parts in the semiconductor field. The thing that has continued to appeal at the exhibition has expanded the way of developing sales channels as a result.

In each field, the technical ability to respond to the technical demands demanded by the era cannot be built up in short. The achievements that have been keeping pushing the way to refine the technology and add value in the period when competitors are satisfied with mass production are linked to today's style.

This thinness made possible by our technology seems to have significant meaning not to scratch the body as much as possible at the time of surgery and do not leave in the medical field. Because we have improved our skills, we can scoop up the needs born. It seems that there are many places where thinness and thinness can be utilized such as medical devices expected to develop rapidly in the future and surgical instruments for new treatment applications.

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Our precision stainless steel pipe having long-term delivery experience to the medical-related industry has received high evaluation through thorough quality control. The world's thinnest "Ultra-fine stainless steel pipe" and "Ultra thin wall pipe" are worth a visit. In addition to endoscopes and photoelectric sensors using plastic optical fibers, various resin tube processed products can also be ordered specially.

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