“Leg curl rehabilitation equipment” shows the recovery of muscle strength with a single glance by using a servo motor that controls the force and positioningkinugawa KK


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“Leg Curl Rehabilitation Equipment”, it can be used to measure muscle strength and provide training simultaneously.

Points to remember

  • Enter the field of medical equipment by applying the micromachining technology cultivated over many years
  • Focus on the aging society and meet the needs of rehabilitation equipment
  • Contribute to the recovery and health promotion of patients with the development of rehabilitation equipment

Kinugawa Works Co., Ltd by making full use of three-dimensional cutting, three-dimensional mold laser processing, forming grinding, wire EDM, and die sinking EDM, and combining these micromachining techniques has been supporting a wide range of needs in the semiconductor and electronics fields.

The company started development prototyping of medical devices about 15 years ago by applying the micromachining technology cultivated over a long time. The company is working on a prototype for the development of surgical equipment used in the cardiovascular system, orthopedic surgery, digestive system, ophthalmology, and neurosurgery.

The focus of the company, with an extensive track record and knowledge through the development and trial manufacture of medical devices, is on the “Leg Curl Rehabilitation Equipment” that can be used to measure muscle strength and provide training simultaneously. The advantage of this device is that it is possible to quantify the isokinetic, isometric and isotonic muscle strength by using a servo-type motor that controls power and position. The recovery of muscular strength can be grasped at a glance by using the measurement and training modes. The muscle strength recovery of patients after surgery can be confirmed with numerical values. This method will lead to improved awareness of exercise in patients. Efficient training methods can be proposed by preparing data from the information.

The company started development of the equipment as they wanted to improve the medical treatment that uses analog methods to adjust the rehabilitation equipment weight and chair height.
In 2016, the company took the lead in development and started with the idea of measurement which is the core of the product. The development of the manufacturing process was outsourced to a manufacturer of training equipment. While sharing the concept with physiotherapists, the required functions were discussed with multiple meetings and incorporated while manufacturing the product.
The focus of development was design. Verifications tests were carried out for the sitting comfort keeping the practical design in mind that users would like to use. The company refined precision and comfort by referring to massage chairs commercially available in the market. They completed the “Leg Curl Rehabilitation Equipment” in 2018.

The company developed a system called the “Strength RUN King” to make the equipment all-purpose. It is a cloud server management system that allows individual users to view their measurement data in a ranking format displayed in real-time. According to the company, similar to the ranking shown on the karaoke box, the results of users are ranked by gender, age and region by connecting the equipment located in various parts of Japan through the cloud. Since the results of users in different locations can be digitized, segmented data can be extracted to offer more effective training methods. The results can be used for contribution to health promotion specialized for each area by cooperating with local governments.

Mr. Tatsuo Ishii, General Manager, Sales & Technology Department said, “We have applied for the registration of the trademark ‘Strength RUN King’. The patent is pending for this feature. With the widespread use of ‘Strength RUN King’, we hope that more people will enjoy using the ‘Leg Curl Rehabilitation Equipment’”.

In addition, based on the development technology of “Leg Curl Rehabilitation Equipment”, the company is now starting to develop rehabilitation equipment that can measure other parts of the body, such as “Leg Press Rehabilitation Equipment”, “Shoulder Rehabilitation Equipment”, “Chest Rehabilitation Equipment" and “Abduction Rehabilitation Equipment”.

A type of “Leg Press Rehabilitation Equipment” for lifting the footplate with the legs.
“Shoulder Rehabilitation Equipment” that is used to measure the shoulders

The challenge faced by the company is how to expand the sales of “Leg Curl Rehabilitation Equipment” and other equipment. There is a growing need for such rehabilitation equipment from the aging society. As the first step, they are aiming to expand their operations in Japan by collaborating with manufacturers selling nursing care equipment.

The company has few employees numbering 23 at present. Most of them are in their 20s, and they include an engineer who worked as a photographer and employees with other various specialties. A showroom has been set up within the company. Products are displayed that provide tips on product development for corporate technology developers, healthcare professionals and physicians. The free atmosphere for such manufacturing promotes the creation of products that are not bound by established concepts. In July 2018, they established an affiliated company specialized in medical equipment (Square Medical Co. Ltd.). Synergistic effects are also expected with the company and for technology development.
The company will continue to take up the challenge of technological development for the aging society of the future.

Interview Date: March 15, 2019


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We have been in this business for 15 years by using our precision microfabrication technology relating to the semiconductor, electronics devices. We mainly manufacture micro forceps which is used for circulatory system, artificial bone of knees and hip joints which is used by orthopedics, sugical instruments like mounting implant.

company information

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