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Various manufacturing-related information can be tracked instantly thanks to digitalization

Product name = Digital sheet metal technology

Digitalization of sheet metalworking makes possible a high quality, stable supply and speedy support

Manufacturing sites are rapidly shifting from mass production to high-mix low-volume production and just-in-time production. The limitations of methods that rely on the intuition and experience of craftsmen have become apparent.

Fujimura SS's processing services driven by "digital sheet metal technology" have used ICT to digitize a series of processes such as estimation, programming, blanking and bending, delivery, and follow-up services, providing solutions for our times. In addition to quickly providing high-quality products without relying on individual skills and experience, the virtual prototype system has made it possible to check post-processing 3D images in advance.

By making full use of ICT, it is now possible to process large orders at low cost, with a short delivery time and high quality, as well as to quickly process lot orders as small as one piece. A special CAM*1 determines the optimal way to handle multiple small lot orders, enabling simultaneous processing without wasting material and time.
※1 CAM: Abbreviation for Computer Aided Manufacturing.

Accumulate all information as data for further technological innovation

With this service, full adoption of IT and networking visualizes information in all manufacturing processes, providing the client with various benefits.

The first step is to improve the technology being provided by accumulating know-how. All production sites related to manufacturing are connected by VPN*2, and because "production information" such as orders, quotes, and progress as well as "technical information" and "image information" such as 3D models and processed data are centrally managed, manufacturing know-how is accumulated, leading to more efficient services, improved quality, and stable supply.

Even if a problem occurs, there is considerable advantage from visualizing the manufacturing process. It is possible to track moment-by-moment when, where, and in what way something was processed, so that subsequent handling can be performed smoothly. It also has a function that allows the client to access the system and check how far their projects have progressed.
※2 VPN: Abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. A technology and service that provides a virtual private network with enhanced security over the ordinary lines provided by telecommunication companies.

New factory established to expand capacity. Also accepts requests for mass production

Fujimura SS did not have the capacity to handle inquiries for mass production, but in 2019 it built a new plant in response to increasing inquiries from users for its technologies and related services. The company established a system that supports mass production.

As mentioned above, using the company's services provides clients with many benefits, but the greatest value is for clients without advanced knowledge of sheet metal. The finish can be checked in advance with a 3D image of the prototype, and the standard unit price has been established through systematization, so the basis of the estimate is clear. This is a great relief for those who can't create their own drawings or can't imagine the finished image only from drawings. A partnership with Fujimura SS must be a promising option for the many companies that want to improve productivity.

Coverage date October 25,2019


Company overview

Fujimuraseisakusho Co.,Ltd

Founded in Saitama Prefecture in 2000. As a "sheet metal job shop" that accepts high-mix low volume orders with short delivery times, it offers various precision sheet metal processing based on the concept of "an ICT-driven cutting-edge digital factory." From 2019, the company will also develop a sales channel for B to C, rolling out "Digital Structure," a sheet metal technology mail-order site for individuals.

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