Solve the problem of nursing care sites with a talent shortage
The observing system applying a thin weighted sensorRTC Co.,Ltd


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Also supports robots and smartwatches. "Connection Observing Support Equipment" born as a concept of five "Low."

Learnning Points

  • Product development for problem-solving
  • Planning and development ability to apply element technologies diversely

In contrast to the rapid progress of a super-aging society, shortages of human resources are getting worse in elderly welfare facilities, etc. "Connection Observing Support Equipment" applied light weight sensors by RTC Co., Ltd., that was developed to support the nursing site. This is to continuously monitor the body motion of the user by two sensors laid under the mattress of the bed, to prevent accidents and to wander, by detecting and notifying the leaving of a bed in advance. Since it does use a camera, privacy is secured, and construction of the room is unnecessary. Since the sensor is under the mat, it does not affect the comfort and also does not enter the sight, so it does not give discomfort to everyday life.

Production name "Connection" has two meanings. First, because the Wi-fi signal transmits the leaving-off signal, it is "connected" not only to personal computers and smartphones but also to various devices. Signals can be shared with communication robots and smart watches, which are being introduced recently, and it will let you know that the user left the bed. Another "connecting" is to be able to cooperate with other systems. Since it is possible to record information such as what time the user happened and what time they went to bed through the sensor, it is possible to realize substantial labor saving by, for example, automating a part of the nursing care record creation work in cooperation with existing systems.

"Safety" of the user, "Relief" of the family, "Easy to use" for the care workers, "Cheap" for the facility managers, "Stable supply" for the all sellers. Based on these five "Low" concepts, we have been developing systems for about three years. The struggle was that it was built to realize "Ease" such as adjustment of the sensor to accurately detect the body movement of the user on the bed, smooth operation and easy-to-see screen. As of February 2018, we have already entered trial demonstration experiments at medical institutions, and we plan to sell it in earnest in April 2018.

Although we send products to diverse markets based on electronics and sensor technology, it is the first product in the field of nursing care. However, rather than developing many devices in the future, we say that we wish to realize business improvement in the nursing care field by linking it with other systems as described above. We position not only nursing care but also large markets including rehabilitation and health care as "Life infrastructure" business, applying solutions of its elemental technologies to provide answers to such life and health-related fields. We regard it as a future direction and are working on it.

  • After product release, the data of all users are managed in the cloud, and it is a our concept to utilize as the big data. For example, we analyze the characteristics of movement of each user to increase the accuracy of prediction of departure from the floor, and investigate features in conjunction with age, sex, nursing care frequency and so on to reflect on academic research. We are looking forward to seeing the future of this "Connection Observing Support Equipment" that will evolve further as a system as data accumulates.

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We offer our service in integrated system from research and development, design and manufucture by using electronics technology and sensor technology. We can handle the base plate and module parts and finished products for medical, nursing care equipment, industrial machine and robot electrical installation.

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