Using light motor vehicles equpped with medical equipment to eliminate medical disparities in depopulated areasS.T.SUPPORT Co.,Ltd


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Despite the compact size of the vehicle, it's equipped with an authentic stretcher for transportation

Product Name = "Health Care Vehicle"

Equipped with basic medical equipment in a light and maneuverable vehicle

Remote islands and mountainous areas in Japan have many narrow roads where ambulances cannot pass. S.T.SUPPORT Co.,Ltd developed a "Health Care Vehicle" to provide basic medical care for emergencies in such remote areas. The Health Care Vehicle is provided at a reasonable price that is about one-fifth of high-standard emergency vehicles.

The body of the Health Care Vehicle is a highly maneuverable light motor vehicle. Basic specifications of the Health Care Vehicle include an authentic stretcher for transporting patients, a cylinder for oxygen inhalation, and an AED. Options include ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and compact X-ray projectors, as well as equipment for storing and securing wheelchairs. Furthermore, Health Care Vehicle is equipped with a uniquely developed sine-wave 100V power supply (with an automatic external power supply switching device) to ensure that stable power can be supplied in the vehicle.

Health Care Vehicle is not an ambulance or doctor car, so there is no need for an emergency designation. Anyone can own the vehicle simply by registering it as a general vehicle for transporting patients. Although emergency driving is not possible, Health Care Vehicle can be registered as an emergency vehicle (small ambulance) in designated special zones by installing a rotary beacon light/siren.

Manufactured based on lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, S.T.SUPPORT introduced eleven "Compact Doctor Cars" in three prefectures in the Tohoku Prefecture. Utilizing know-how acquired at that time, Health Care Vehicle was designed for improved and expanded usability. In order to broadly spread the vehicle for general use, Health Care Vehicle was manufactured while receiving advice from the Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Organization.

In principle, Health Care Vehicles are manufactured individually, making it possible to respond flexibly to customization requests from customers. Additionally, through a tie-up with Dream Creation Co., Ltd., S.T.SUPPORT handles all aspects of the troublesome registration application process when delivering vehicles.

Collaboration to eliminate medical disparities in depopulated areas

Health Care Vehicle is expected to be used for emergency response to medical and nursing care needs along narrow roads and in villages in mountainous areas. Moving forward, S.T.SUPPORT will strengthen sales not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asia and other countries/regions where road development is lagging behind.

Health Care Vehicle itself will be equipped with mobile telecommunications equipment and will be updated to support telemedicine. S.T.SUPPORT is also considering developing a "Premature Infant Doctor Car" that is equipped with an incubator for transporting premature infants. Additionally, by collaborating with various medical device manufacturers, the company hopes to eliminate medical disparities in depopulated areas. We look forward to new value for solving even more issues that S.T.SUPPORT will realize through co-creation with companies sharing similar ideas.

Coverage date January 6, 2020


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S.T.SUPPORT Co.,Ltd was established in 2008. The company designs, manufactures, and sells special-purpose vehicles and vehicles/equipment for people with physical disabilities. In August 2019, S.T.SUPPORT utilized its know-how obtained from light motor vehicle Doctor Cars to propose a specialized patrol vehicle which comprehensively cover the medical and nursing care fields. This specialized patrol vehicle is being developed under the name of "Health Care Vehicle".

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