Enable Collaboration for High Value-Added Products with "Functional Coating Agent" which adds various functions such as anti-glaring property and antifouling property to the base material.TOKUSHIKI Co.,Ltd


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Learnning Points

  • We integrate our own basic technologies and head for new product development.
  • Marketing ability to meet the needs of the times.

As "dispersion processing manufacturers capable of resin synthesis", TOKUSHIKI Co., Ltd. manufactures functional inks and paints / resins . The functional coating agent provided by the company is a paint that supplies various functions such as anti-glaring and antifouling to the base material.

By combining three technologies of "synthesis", "fine particle dispersion", and "blending", we are able to add features unique to the surface of plastic and et al such as self-repairing paint, AG coating agent, antifouling coating. Since we have various sizes of manufacturing equipment from small-sized to mass-production machines, we are able to manufacture products which meet diverse customer needs from small quantities to mass production.

Self-repairing paint is a distinctive product among them. This repairs shallow flaws and scratches with rubber like elasticity and lubricating property. It has , as a feature, flexibility in the coating film so that it is the most suitable for the top coat of the part where cracks and flaws are easy to occur, and it is used for the smart phone cover and the housing of home appliances.

Expansion strategy utilizing specialty areas

Originally the company is good at synthesizing acrylic resin and ultraviolet curable resin, so it has strengths in paint design such as hard coat and contamination prevention. It also has a technology to disperse and stabilize various functional fillers etc. to nano size by pigment dispersion technology cultivated since its foundation. By fusing these two core technologies, it is possible to develop a functional coating agent making use of the properties of the material.

In addition, AG (antiglare, antiglare) coating agent that suppresses glare that deteriorates visibility and aesthetic appearance of high resolution display is also a product symbolizing the company's technology. By utilizing the dispersion technique of silica and filler, the dispersibility was increased (finer grain size) than ordinary matte paint, and the optical properties were adjusted. We already have abundant introduction record as film of smartphone and personal computer and interior material of car.

It is said that the company's sense of marketing is alive as a background to successively produce while making full use of the fundamental technology of product development that responds to the demands of these times.

  • TOKUSHIKI Co., Ltd. is the one which produces high value-added by making use of coating and other technologies on the basic material.
  • Self-repairing paints promoted currently by the company are easy to apply to living systems such as daily necessities.
  • Also, we can not miss out the ability to respond to small volume production and so on.

company information

Our company is an intermediate material manufacturer for chemicals, who produces functional inks, paints, and resins. We combine our three techniques of: \Synthesis\; \Microparticle Dispersion\; and \Blending\, always understand the needs in the market as a \dispersive processing manufacturer also capable of resin synthesis\, and offer products of high value.

company information

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