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Fruits of technical strength created by MDF's leading company "Starwood for construction" combining high power, homogeneity, and processability

Learnning Points

  • "Imagination ability to realize both "Consideration for the environment" and "Performance"
  • High flexibility to continually seek new possibilities

HOKUSIN CO., LTD., which manufactures and sells "Starwood for construction." From the thought of wanting to convey the warmth of wood to daily lives, it was the first time in Japan to produce a board made from a wood fiber called MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) as a raw material. What is used as a raw material is a material called available wood resources. It is a surplus woody resource that comes out after processing logged trees into square materials and so on. Normally, it is a woody resource that could be thrown away as it is, but at that time the company also developed MDF "Starwood for construction" that allows for wood resources to be reused as building materials, considering consideration for the environment.

"Starwood for construction" is a product that is environmentally friendly, it has high strength, homogeneity and processability. Main uses are construction sites such as houses that can make use of high strength. Its durability has earned Minister's approval for the first time as MDF. Particular interest is gathered in Japan, and as earthquake resistance is also reliable, it is adopted as a load bearing wall from many house makers. The secret that can realize such a performance is based on our technical ability to take out the wood fiber of natural trees so as not to damage the strength of the wood fiber. It also features excellent homogeneity and processability, such as maintaining the directionality of the fiber, resulting in a beautiful finish in cross section from any part cut. Not only that, it is superior as a building material for residential buildings, but also regarding moisture permeability and antiseptic and antiballistic performance. Because it is good to let the moisture generated inside the wall escape to the outside air, mold is hard to occur. Moreover, by applying antiseptic / ant-tolerant treatment to "Starwood for construction", it exhibits strong resistance to termites.

Based on these characteristics, it is now widely used as a building material for residential use, but we are also planning to enter new markets because our MDF has use in furniture, musical instruments, houses. Some circumstances have continued improvements while exploring new markets, such as equipment and building materials. Of course, it is not always true that improvement is somewhat plain sailing. About "Starwood for construction", at the testing stage. an accident may have occurred due to the adhesive used. However, each time, we have overcome with flexible idea after idea. The goal is to make use of "Starwood for construction" in new markets such as public works.

Recently, our achievement was recognized, and the MDF was newly included as a notification of the Building Standard Law stipulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. MDF's place of activity will continue to expand more and more in the future.

  • In recent years, environmental efforts have become an important issue for companies. Under such circumstances, "Starwood for construction" using available wood resources can be said to be an attractive product for many companies. Currently, the building materials for housing are the main, but we are also looking at new markets. The opportunity to see our products in various scenes will increase in the future.

company information

Starwood is MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) which made wood fiber with a special adhesive together with hot pressure. Compared to other wood materials such as plywood and particle board, using unused wood resources as raw materials. It is a wood-based industrial material with features such as ease of decorative processing, excellent strength, durability, outstanding dimensional stability, etc.

company information

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