“Silicon rubber heater” with durability and long service life that can be used continuously for applications ranging from prevention of freezing to heating up to 200°CThreeHigh Co.,Ltd


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Silicone rubber heater

Points to be noted

  • Sales ability to provide consultation for all customer problems
  • Commercialized with technical capabilities that has not missed out the customer needs

Silicon rubber heater, which is the pillar of the company's business, is a thin, soft planar heating element with a thickness of 1.5 mm using the silicone rubber sheet developed by NASA around 1965. It has 3 major features.

(1) High flexibility. Free design is possible with flexibility that is not available with metal heaters. Objects of any shape can be heated.

(2) Supports heating from several degrees to 200°C. Silicon rubber heaters are manufactured by arranging the heating wires between the upper and lower silicon rubber sheets and then compressing the sheets. Watt density is calculated based on the original data, and temperature zone required by the customer is achieved by arranging and designing the heating elements.

(3) The heater has a long service life and excellent cost performance even when used continuously at 200°C. The heater is widely used irrespective of the industrial sector and is expected to enter many industrial fields.

The company makes the best use of visits to small and medium industries accepting orders for customized production starting from one product in any shape. Sales personnel are the key to this process for finding out customer needs and matching it to specific product specifications. Many customers face problems and want solutions using heat. Our sales personnel visit customer sites all over Japan, determine the necessary temperature zone and calculate the watt density required from this product. A development drawing is prepared from the shape of the object to be heated, and design drawing is prepared taking into account the cutouts of wiring, etc. Our company takes sole responsibility for all customer problems related to “Heat” including selection of controllers for temperature control, installation method, thermal insulation system, and measures to prevent burns, and after-sales follow up.

Example of silicone rubber heater for a conical hopper tank

Our company is working on developing a controller that enables strict temperature control to maximize the characteristics of silicon rubber heater. There are many products that contribute to user's safety and operability in addition to high precision such as controllers that display set temperature and measured temperature on two screens, with advanced dustproof and waterproof functions, with overheat prevention and sensor malfunction detection functions, and customer satisfaction is also high.

Initially, silicone rubber heaters were used for pipes in plants when temperatures are low. The primary purpose was to prevent deterioration of the flowability of the pipeline contents. Next, heaters were designed for tanks and drums of various shapes in the factory, and now there are countless uses such as rocket assembly components of space engineering and heaters of appliances such as toilets and coffee makers.
Recently, the heater has attracted attention for snow melting and prevention of dew condensation. For example, when used on ETC bars and parabolic antennas in highways, it prevents sensitivity degradation due to snow and frost. Moreover, it is not only used in cold regions but also used throughout the year in other areas to prevent dew condensation caused due to a difference in day and night temperatures. In addition, there are usage methods beyond our assumption, such as using silicone rubber heaters to bending sheets and repair musical instruments such as guitars. Approximately 4500 companies are using this heater at present.

In future, along with promoting awareness of the results of such unique uses, we want to emphasize measures for melting snow. For example, usage of LEDs for traffic signal lights prevents discharge of unwanted heat energy. This has an adverse effect of blocking visibility as snow on the lights does not melt, and a solution to this problem is the installation of silicon rubber heaters.
On our Website, we have posted pictures of all employees including the President and practice the principle of “Manufacturing with face to face interaction”. We will consider the possibility of collaborating with industry, government, and academia while focusing on research and development. Also, we have set the goal to increase awareness by spreading the phrase “For any Heating problems! contact Three High”.

Interview Date: July 3, 2018


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Our basic philosophy is \thinking about products, thinking about people.\ With a particular focus on product development, we would like to produce heaters which you can use at various occasions. Also, as we are here thanks to employees, their families, customers and suppliers, we would like to continuously build highly recycle-oriented society that exists the feeling of thankfulness among them.

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