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Various sound-absorbing products of Feltone brand "Sound-absorbing low partition" "Sound-absorbing desktop" "Sound-absorbing wall pasting panel."

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  • The uniqueness of pioneer open markets
  • Intellectual property conversion of developed technology

There are quite a lot of sounds in the interior of contemporary buildings surrounding us, such as offices, schools, restaurants, etc. Tokyo blind industry Co., Ltd. is developing a business that has the theme of "making the indoor sound environment more comfortable" by significantly suppressing the reaction of such harsh sounds. We use business phones as various sound absorbing products such as sound absorption rotor parts, sound absorbing desktops, and sound-absorbing wall attached panels, developed under the brand of "Feltone." The various combinations of these products boasting a high sound absorption coefficient that absorbs 80 to 85% of the sound hit on and it will solve the problem of the sounds of modern people.

It was around 2000 when we first had the opportunity to put "Sound" as a business theme. It was to undertake development by receiving a consultation from the material manufacturer on commercialization of sound absorbing blinds. Initially, it was assumed that it was intended for use in a home theater, but when it was commercialized, a large number of consultations on sound troubles in various scenes such as offices were received. So, to solve such problems, we began developing a high-performance sound-absorbing panel with an entirely new structure, first succeeded in establishing the primary board. It is a product group that is currently available in a lineup that has developed in various ways and has commercialized it one by one concurrently with the patent acquisition.

Comparison of reverberation room method of the sound absorption rate of sound absorbing panel and standard panel

In developing, we also utilized various subsidies, but we invested not an only capital investment but also software for measuring, analyzing and simulating sound. Today, in addition to wholesale sales of general purpose products, we estimate and explain the sound of the installation site as a sound expert if requested, and customize products, etc. that increase the mute rate of a specific range in response to the results. We also offer services such as delivery. Not only manufacturing and sales of goods but also "Providing solutions to sound troubles" is precisely the business model promoted by us.

In Europe and the United States, consciousness to sound is high, and many countries regard sound absorption as one of the fundamental performance of buildings. In that regard, even in Japan who was lagging behind, it has gradually gained attention in recent years, and our Feltone series also said that "Nomination" at the design stage of buildings and interior has increased. Following this trend, we plan to focus on the promotion of the Feltone series mainly at exhibitions, etc. Also, the sound-absorbing blinds are unprecedented worldwide, and the inquiries from overseas are too loud, and the study of export has even begun. The Feltone series will contribute significantly not only to Japan but the comfort of the indoor sound environment of the world in the future.

  • Panel products of the Feltone series have one side sound absorption and double side sound absorption and can be appropriately used according to the environment of installation location. These variations are a significant differentiation point for us. We are also motivated to develop new products that are "Unprecedented in the world" and plan to strengthen its lineup in the future further. Our business of producing more comfortable indoor sound environments will be increasingly specious.

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Manufacture and sale of various blinds / partitions with 68 years sicne the foundation. Effective use of intellectual property rights such as patent rights, we developed domestic cedar blinds and sound-absorbing blinds whic are not found in other companies, and partition partitions with high sound absorbing performance and are strong with selling original products. Moreover, we are promoting a new business model "using a sound absorbing product to make the indoor sound environment more comfortable".

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