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Because it is a product with particular needs, making cognition more efficient at the New Value Creation ExhibitionHirano Seiki Industries Corp

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CEO Hirano says "I'd like you to remember the product name "Crushing Taro" rather than the company name."

The appearance is surprisingly simple, but the power of crushing is outstanding. Rough crusher "Crushing Taro" is a product that Hirano Seiko Co., Ltd., whose primary business is design, construction, and maintenance related to manufacturing equipment of manufacturing makers, commercialized from the customer's voice.

In the manufacturing industry, various materials are often made powdery in consideration of convenience and are packed for transportation and storage. Usually, the contents solidify due to time lapse or compression during storage. Many people have experienced the fact that the sugar that had been staying in the bag at home was hardened and could not be used. The solidified material must be returned to its proper size and shape upon use. "Breaking Taro" is a device that can soften only the contents without breaking the bag, such as bagged raw materials that have been consolidated.

I talked to CEO of the company Takao Hirano.

"How did you come up with "Crushing Taro"?
Actually, "Loosening work" of raw materials solidified at the site of the manufacturing industry is an indispensable work, so far it was common to respond manually. It is done with hard labor such as lifting a heavy bag and hitting it under the hammer sea tactics or breaking it with a heavy hammer or the like. We have witnessed such a situation while maintaining factory facilities, and we made "Crushing Taro" by repeatedly making prototypes as to what we can not do.
Most manufacturers are making products from seeds. I think that it is a strength of the seeds to change the technology that we have to sellable goods. In our case, however, it is still an SME, so we can not spend too many expenses. Conversely, it is "Crushing Taro" that we did digging up from the needs and making the product.

Was the range of needs widened by exhibiting at the New Value Creation Exhibition?
In addition to obtaining the cost merit of reducing personnel expenses through mechanization, it is also possible for women to work by improving hard labor. Also, users have received many voices such as "Work speed has improved" and "Work environment has improved." It is a niche product, but there is a need. Exhibiting at a comprehensive exhibition such as the New Value Creation Exhibition increased the number of inquiries in proportion to the increase in recognition.

Initially, we started assuming powder in the manufacturing industry and powder in the food industry, but as a result of the New Value Creation Exhibition, word of mouth spread widely, and a voice came from various fields. Crushing consequences such as powder crystals, medicines, resins and rubber pellets of chemicals are spreading from foods such as salt and sugar, dairy products and citric acid. We also offer to the feed and fertilizer industry. Sometimes we add brown sugar in consideration of easiness of livestock's eating, but inevitably black sugar gets settled. There was a voice that they wanted to loosen when shipping it.

Furthermore, crushing is not limited to powdered ones. Needs in the food industry are still expanding, such as caramel, cacao powder, beer hops, lemon ice mass sherbet. Speaking of foods that I did not expect at all, it is squid "Nibbles" that you can eat when you drink. The material of the squid is frozen in a box of about 10 kilograms, but it is necessary to loosen it by adding salt and the like. We could not even imagine the need to unravel the squid in a frozen state.

What is the merit of the New Value Creation Exhibition as a local enterprise?

Do you have any ingenuity at the time of exhibiting at the New Value Creation Exhibition?
As our products are niche, we do not set goals for all visitors to see. We are interested in customers who received inquiries during the year before the exhibition, not an unspecified number, and see the actual machine on the spot. It is a strategy that we operate with targeted focus. We are thinking about how we can meet you by introducing the New Value Creation Exhibition to customers who have been interested.

Also, we value the importance of feedback to product development by listening to actual customer's voices. The customers who visit us might be in trouble. Again, I think that it is also our mission to provide machinery by improving and modifying machines, bringing it to meet their needs.

How do you think about future development?
At the site where this product has not been introduced, pulverizing work by human power is still carried out now. We believe there is still a possibility of demand and we will continue to consider exhibiting in the exhibition to spread the recognition of "Breaking Taro."
Moreover, I also knew that there was no purpose machine like the same product overseas. However, overseas expansion has various hurdles such as international patents, international design registration, sales contract. Now it is the stage of clearing it step by step.
Many people from overseas will come to the New Value Creation Exhibition. It depends on the timing of their business work, but the expectation for the possibility of developing overseas is also excellent.

Because the function itself is a pure product, the range of applications continues to spread, "Breaking Taro." Based on opinions and feedback from visitors from various industries unique to the comprehensive exhibition, we are proceeding with development to a field that has not been noticed yet and development of variations that expanded the range of correspondence such as size and shape.

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With our 50 years of history, we have served wide-ranging clients over 20 years. With a particular emphasis on quality, safety, and delivery, we present our proposals and strive for the improvement of our operations and work environment.
Based on our business philosophy, we, although a small company, have finally developed our original ”Kudaki Taro Series,” and cumulative sales have reached 340 units.

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