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"Knock, and it shall be opened unto you" Move oneself and accelerate industry-university collaborationMasaru Ueki<Series 3 / complete>

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Developing medical drills in collaboration with manufacturers and sales companies such as automobile maintenance equipment

Big Tool Co., Ltd., headquartered in Yonago area, Tottori prefecture (Hiyoshizu village, Nishiki gun, Tottori Prefecture), is a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of automobile maintenance equipment and industrial equipment. One day, to know the "Moonlight Drill" which can be punctured on the stainless steel plate, which is the product of the company through the special feature of television. The moment I saw this product, I was excited that "This technology is necessary for medical equipment!" I was not even asking for it, I immediately contacted the company and visited them.

Perhaps, some readers may think that it is very behavioral. No, in fact, it is not such a thing. Although it was a retraction from olden days, an encounter with a patent attorney changed me. Meeting with the teacher of a lecture at Tottori University, exchange started. The impressed words are "Beaten, and farewell opened." "If you have something you want to do, hit it first, nothing begins unless you hit it." That's the meaning of that. The teacher also taught the words "Innocent sin." It means, "Doing nothing; is a crime per se." Is it not a crime in itself, sitting on the decline of the Tottori prefecture itself? It is one of the energies that makes me act.

I will return the story to development. President of the company Takaichi Arai has a dream of "I want to make Yonago a town boasting of the world's drill," and soon spirited up. The development of medical drills began immediately. What I came up with when I saw the company's drill was that "We can suppress heat generation due to friction during shaving more than conventional drills." I thought that if it could prevent the necrosis of bone caused by fever, it would be a breakthrough for the medical community.

With the cooperation of Tottori Prefecture Industrial Technology Center, the days to verify the drill scientifically began. At first, we experimented with cow bone, and I got a very suggestive result. Next, using porcine bones, we compare the necrotic areas with the area, and we repeatedly verified whether this drill suppressed the heat by friction. Such a scientific evaluation was difficult unexpectedly, it took time, but it was completed in three and a half years. In this way, in September 2017 we launched a medical drill named "Moonlight Premium Drill" that has innovative functions "Holes immediately," "No slide" and "No heat rises."

We need a system to support companies in anticipation of the exit strategy

These efforts including Big Tool Co., Ltd. were successful, and the number of licenses acquired by medical device manufacturing and manufacturing and sales business in Tottori Prefecture increased by 4 times in 2017 compared to around 2013. Efforts with venture companies have also improved, but I feel the need for cooperation with exit strategies, including securing sales outlets. Even if the product is launched, it will be meaningless unless the company goes self-propelled. The point here is the theme of the product being developed. It is not supported in the market unless it pierces the essence of solving customer's troubles in a real sense, and it is forced to exit as a result.

Do you know that the brakes do not diminish as a result of the popularization of EV (Electric Vehicle), which itself would be wonderful, but this has evolved into a situation in which the work of a brake manufacturing company disappears? What we would like to say is that we are living in a society where the conventional common sense that "Cars run on gasoline" does not pass.

Naturally, medical equipment also has a product life cycle. I do not think that what they are doing will continue in the future. It is important to preserve the old values, but is not it necessary to have the flexibility to adapt to changes in the times? The experience of developing medical equipment in cooperation with companies has taught me that as well.

Next time I will explain innovation education conducted by Tottori University Medical School attached hospital.

Next time I will explain innovation education conducted by Tottori University Medical School attached hospital.

Masaru Ueki
Tottori University Medical School Attached Hospital New Medical Research Promotion Center Professor, Research Practicalization Support Division Medical Doctor
Japan Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Society Specialist / Instructor
Japanese Science Certified Doctor
Japan Liver Society Specialist
Japan Gastroenterology Society Specialist

Born in Tottori prefecture in 1972. Graduated from Department of Medicine, Oita Medical University School of Medicine in 1998, and Graduate School of Tottori University in 2005. Tottori University Medical School Affiliated Hospital Post Graduate Clinical Training Center Lecturer in 2009, Tottori University Medical School Hospital Postgraduate Clinical Training Center Mitsuyoshi Associate Professor in 2012, Tottori University Medical School Hospital Next Generation Advanced Medical Promotion Center Associate Professor in 2012, Tottori University Medical School Hospital Next Generation Advanced Medical Promotion Center Professor, to the present.

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"Tips and traps of medical treatment for liver diseases" (Nakayama Bookstore / Ken Ueki) published in January 2015

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