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The LED light "KELZ" which enables accurate expression was developed in mind that everyone can use it easily.ADS Corporation Ltd.


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Museum light "KELZ" which can quickly adjust the light from smartphones


  • LED light enables practical level dimming
  • User-friendliness is the first
  • First of all, it is important to be interested correctly

The LED light that faithfully expresses the intention of the author

The impressions of paintings etc. at museums and museums vary greatly depending on how the light is illuminated.
"When exhibiting a painting, it must be lit up in a way that the author intentionally intends."
Yoshitsugu Baba, who is the LED lighting designer of ADS Co., Ltd., and specializes in system development utilizing wireless network technology, says. Most of the museum lights used in museums and art museums are based on incandescent balls. The reason is just that there was a problem that its appearance differs between dimming with LED light and dimming with an incandescent bulb.

However, from the trend of the era in which energy saving and long life are required, it is predicted that LED light will replace incandescent bulbs in the future, and the museum light "KELZ" realizes the high color temperature demanded by the museum side.

Pursue specifications that can be operated sensuously even if you are unfamiliar

"KELZ" uses the wireless network technology that we are good at, and it is possible to quickly adjust the light from a smartphone or a personal computer. It is a feature that it corresponds not only to the individual dimming of each one but also collective dimming by multiple grouping units.

The point that we stuck with the wireless dimming of the light is that it can be used sensuously even if it is an amateur. For wireless dimming, identification is required for dimming for each device or each group. Conventionally, it is necessary to input a serial number for each device to the management device to manage it, which is a factor in raising the hurdle in the device management of the user. However, with NFC installed in this light, you can readily associate with smartphones by "Holding over" quickly, and you can adjust the dimming.

Although the dimming data is recorded in the gateway via the server, in order to cope with the case where the communication from the security side to the outside is blocked or the case where the radio is difficult to reach due to the structure of the building. Data memory is also mounted on the KELZ central unit, and it is also possible to dim the light by energizing.

Always to make the best choice

The way in which art and artworks look different mainly from lighting. Lighting plays a huge role to feel the original charm. However, circumstances are different in Japan and abroad, and lighting designers who design lighting are absent in Japanese museums.

Curators say that even though the knowledge of arts is plentiful, the current condition that what kind of lighting is the best for the work is also stuck with "Easy dimming."

Also, the lifetime of wireless technology and the speed of technological innovation are not proportional. This is made with sufficient consideration even for this light; even if there is technology evolution outside the range expected by us, we also have the flexibility to respond by replacing some parts.

From deepening your understanding of dimming

The most necessary thing in developing "KELZ" in the future is said to be an understanding of the dimming in future LED lights at museums.

Because the LED light is a field where evolution is progressing rapidly, it is still unknown regarding how it changes. For this reason, we are focusing on lighting design awareness activities, such as writing lectures at art colleges and universities in parallel with demonstration experiments, while looking for fabless deployment.

You can combine what you need, what "Everyone" can use "Easily" is what we need in the future. Many companies are trying to become pioneers with their standards, but our products can see users as the priority. Besides museums, the range of activities will also expand as much as the number of uses and types of lights, such as display exhibits for clothes, precious metals, and live events.

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ADS Co., Ltd. contributes to the safe and secured society by using the forefront digital museum technology, video technology and sensor technology.

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