Air can be safely sterilized even in an environment with people. Ultraviolet sterilization irradiation device "Aero shield"eneforest Co.,Ltd


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Easy to install as it is compact with dimensions width 28 cm, depth 12.5 cm, and height 12 cm and does not require piping etc

Points to be noted

  • Creating a new value "Air environmental measure"
  • Air can be safely sterilized even in an environment with people
  • Has been verified with verification tests

"Aero shield" is a device developed by Enforest Co., Ltd. that focuses on safe air environment using air purification technology based on ultraviolet sterilization irradiation. The practicality of the device has been proved with the result "Airborne bacteria reduced by 89.6% in actual space" in verification tests.

The opportunity for development came when airborne bacteria including pathogenic bacteria were detected at levels higher than expected during checks near the bedside of people in a certain elderly home. Though pathogenic bacteria do not have a significant impact on healthy people, it can cause pneumonia, etc. in the elderly with reduced immunity, posing a threat to life. The company felt that measures to sterilize the air environment are required based on this result.

"Aero shield" is installed at the top end of walls in rooms with a height of 2.1 m or more and irradiates ultraviolet rays to inactivate microorganisms floating in the air. Though sterilization using ultraviolet rays have being used in food factories etc., these rays which are harmful to the human body cannot be irradiated while employees were working and use of these products is limited to nighttime when employees are not present.

Aero shield uses a unique louver (separation plate) to irradiate ultraviolet rays horizontally, which otherwise would have been scattered. Since the device creates ultraviolet zones only near the ceiling, it can be used without affecting humans present in the room. Since air in the room moves by natural convection, bacteria can be eliminated from a room of 40m2, using a device of the size of a tissue box. The forte of this product is that it can be used while people are present in the room when the air contains maximum microorganisms.

The device sterilizes air that is carried upwards by natural convection

The technology of ultraviolet sterilization irradiation used in the Aero shield is called "UVGI". The short wavelength of ultraviolet rays used in UVGI is called "UV-C", and it has the feature that it can be easily absorbed by bacterial and viral DNA. UV-C destroys any type of bacteria or virus at the DNA level and is effective even for resistant bacteria. UVGI is a technology introduced in the "Guidelines for Preventing the Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Health Care Facilities", which can be said to be the world standard, issued by the US government agency CDC (Center for Disease Control).

In addition to medical facilities such as hospitals and dispensing pharmacies, Aero shield has been installed in food factories, kitchens, restaurants, facilities for the elderly, nurseries and kindergartens, schools, and offices. Particularly in social welfare facilities such as medical institutions, and places where elderly people and infants live together in groups, safety of users is the responsibility of the facility, and they are aware that concerns about invisible risks requires to be reduced.

Installed in many medical institutions and social welfare facilities

The company also provides a fee-based service to check the number of floating bacteria in the air before and after installation of the device. The device has been installed in more than 400 facilities, if a certain criterion is fulfilled, the company can issue the "Air environment measurement certificate". Steadily conducting verification tests in actual spaces where people live instead of using test spaces is a strength of the company and this has resulted in enhancing the product reliability.

The company is also working on commercializing new products. Recently, they developed a device for installation in vehicles such as an ambulance and some municipalities in Gifu and Oita prefectures have decided to install the device. Since the device for installation in ambulances completely covers the ultraviolet lamp, it can be operated continuously even when the patient is being transported. The company has received inquiries from nursing care taxis, kindergarten pick-up and community buses for the application of this technology. They also want to develop products that can be installed in trains etc.

There is a worldwide recognition that "Preparing the air environment is linked to safe and secure living". One of the challenges is to impart correct knowledge on sterilization of air environment in places around us.

Interview Date: July 12, 2018


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We are a manufacturer engaged in the development, sales, installation and maintenance of sanitary and environment-related products including our ultraviolet air sterilization device, Aero Shield. The objective of our business is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases to create good environmental health and contribute to preventive medicine.

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