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New value will be born even from the work site and responding to the needs of the era, "Concrete Quality Control System on site" will be a door to the world?arbol de manzana Inc.


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  • There is a "bud of new value" in problem-solving on site.
  • Not to forget about the perspective to the world market.
  • To think about application of IT always.

The departure from the basics of on-site ideas.

It is general that concrete in large-scale construction is kneaded in the factory and transported to the site with a mixer car. On the other hand, in many cases it is difficult to place mixer cars to the work site in small-scale construction, renovation work, and construction at the remote islands. As a result, it needs to produce a small amount of concrete called "on-site mixing" at work site. However, the part to rely on "intuition" is large for the on - site kneading, and there is no formal regulations in this cases, and it is difficult to prove the quality. "DMC system (anywhere-concrete)" i s the one developed to respond to such voice raised from the work site.

The balance of quality control and traceability.

The DMC system is a set of on-board compact concrete plants + concrete quality control applications that allow on-site kneading. When making a small amount of concrete by on-site mixing, numerizing the formulation and transfer them to the application. Registrants can always control the quality of concrete regardless of location. Responsible staff members such as general contractors can manage the state of concrete even if they do not go to the work site, and it is possible for them to manage a thorough system for traceability at the same time as reducing man-hours. Concrete plants can be mounted on 2-ton trucks, and night work such as office buildings, and on-site mixing of high-quality concrete can be realized in remote areas as well.

Flexible attitude toward responding to the needs of the era, including the remarkable development in Myanmar.

Myanmar is in the midst of a high-growth economy right now. The company executives who went to visit there said "Myanmar is in the level of going to develop infrastructure in the future. But there are few concrete-factories, the quality standards are not established, so that it has a highly potential possibilities in the market, we think." As suggested by these words, even at the exhibition in Myanmar which we went to exhibit last year, many of local people raised the words saying "we want to purchase them! ", and also the voices raised by "the local Japanese responsible staff members request a prompt export from Japan!"

Responding to longer service life from government and public agencies to niche markets.

Not limited to proactive efforts overseas, the expectation to the DMC system is also high in the domestic market. The DMC system can work well with no problems even in construction where the large mixer was not able to enter, such as repairing the subway, erosion control works, repairing the power pole of the station. Also, in Japan the aging of buildings built during the high growth period has been a problem; however, in here as well, the on-site concrete kneading at repairing work site is required, and the opportunity of DMC system is expected to increase dramatically. Not limited to these social infrastructure and large scale construction requirement, we can respond to longer service life requirements in various niche fields (narrow area, high altitude). Or, we can meet the requirements other than building-related since manufacturing special mixing (super-quick hard, lightweight, weight, other special material) is possible. It is true of bearing more than just convenience with using mobile application which can visualize the quality control (traceability) from all those work sites.

New value born in the form of responding to the voice of work site = DMC system. However, it is nothing other than IT introduced in as an application that makes its value higher. Utilization of IT that can control quality even if the work site is far away will become indispensable in every field from now onward.

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The conventional job mixed concrete did not have qulity standard. "DMC System" is the innovative system which has enabled the quality certificate of job mixed concrete by ensuring the traceability. This system can be installed in not only a medium-sized car but in small-sized car to correspond to the construction sites such as basement of building, very small area like road or side road which is used for infrastructure repair, remote places where is not possible to build plant.

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