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It is simple and easy to understand, and you can connect it firmly by carefully selecting what is left in memory.

In developing new business, it is necessary to know various points such as what player is in that field, trend of the area, etc. It is difficult to raise the probability of succeeding in a new project if this point is disregarded. However, it is a fact that it takes time to investigate them. In modern times where technological advances are fierce, especially when entering new fields and industries, investigation time is essential, but its time is also regrettable.

Innovation Research Co. Ltd. explores the trend of the industry from the viewpoint of "Patent" and analyzes the optimum analysis as the entrance survey that can grasp the overall picture such as the major players in the industry and technology trends as "Rough" and provide within just 2 weeks.

Industries such as us have sometimes nothing in Japan and abroad, and attracted a great deal of attention in exhibiting in new value creation exhibitions. I wondered how Mr. Takeshi Koiso, CEO of Innovation Research Co. Ltd. utilized the New Value Creation Exhibition.

We stick to "Easy to understand" because we provide services.

What made you participate in the New Value Creation Exhibition?
Due to the characteristics of the target of our service, it is essential that people who develop business gather together. As we thought about it, we felt that the exhibition was the best place to appeal to our service. However, because of SMEs, we could not afford to finance, we were looking for a place where people who could cheaply exhibit and who are looking for new things gather.
In the first exhibition at the New Value Creation Exhibition, we had only the image that various people gathered from that name, that the center of the show would be a small business. As we have offered our services at a low price, we have decided to participate as we thought that we could contribute sufficiently.
When we exhibited it, it was a place where people who are interested in new things, such as those who develop new business in large enterprises, as well as significant enterprises, are widely used, and new ideas are gathered. As we thought it was an outstanding exhibition.
Our service is not for people who jump to fashionable things, but because it is a service that fits significantly to those who are looking for new ideas on a steady basis, there are also many visitors who are interested in our company, the quality we felt that it was an excellent exhibition.

What did you feel when you exhibited in the New Value Creation Exhibition?
We are looking for new things anyway, such as the venture businesses mentioned above, SMEs, university teachers, financial personnel, etc. Anyway, it is an exhibition where all those who are working are gathered regardless of industry, and we feel it matches well with the service offered by us.
Those who come to the exhibition are often limited to only a small number of companies, but as a result of letting some people know that "There is such a company," the exhibition we think that we are thankful because it spreads in later reviews. It is the best place for making the first opportunity.

How are the opportunities made at the exhibition?
In the exhibition space, it is simple to understand, so that we will focus on attractive services to our customers and appeal our offering services.
Our service tends to seem to have only "Patent analysis report" exhibited at the New Value Creation Exhibition, but in fact, there are various services. We will tell you if details are asked, but if you put them all out, you can confuse customers. Therefore, we appealed with considerable service.

What kind of methods do you think about future business development?
Since our company can handle big data, we can handle various big data besides patent information. How we organize the collected data, visualize it and make it a valuable report, since we are focusing on how to show it, we are also working on analyzing big data other than patent data, so we would like to be of service to more companies.

In the interview, Mr. Koiso said, "We tend to think that the exhibition is as good as with a lot of visitors, but the total number of visitors and the number that will come to our booth are not totally in proportion." Among the many exhibitions held annually throughout the year, the New Value Creation Exhibition is one of the most important and it seems to be a measure to connect the encounter opportunities tightly to repeat. Many companies will be able to refer to the exhibition strategy that appeals the merit of the service.

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We provide technology trend patent analysis reports optimal for new business entrance surveys. Ordinary patent analysis usually costs several hundred thousand to one million yen, and is generally delivered in about a month. Our unique analysis system has made it possible to provide such analysis quickly (two weeks) and at a reasonable price (50,000 yen excluding tax).

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