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Press machine with “Tap unit ST in progressive press mold” (tap unit in red). The actual "Tap unit ST in progressive press mold" is on the upper right

Product name = “Tap unit ST in progressive press mold”

Example of cost reduction of "a million yen per month"

At the pressing site where various metal parts are produced in large quantities, the cycle time is so fast that “tapping*is a separate process”. This is one factor that hinders improvements to productivity. If the “Tap unit ST in progressive press mold” developed by Koga Machinery is introduced, tapping could be integrated into the pressing process.

One benefit of introducing the machine is a reduction in the “stagnation time” between the post-pressing inspection and tapping. It is also possible to reduce outsourcing costs for tapping services. Even if the unit cost of tapping per manufactured product is several yen, a company that produces tens of thousands of units every month will incur a considerable annual burden. Or if tapping has been insourced, labor would be reduced. There are now companies that have capitalized on the reduction in post-processing costs to achieve cost reductions of 1 million yen per month.

* Machining to form screw marks (female threads) for fastening screws directly on the material.

Precise control of tapping

The “Tap unit ST in progressive press mold" is built into the lower mold of the press machine for use. This mechanism performs tapping driven by the product's high-performance servomotor immediately after a pilot hole is drilled in the workpiece (worked piece) in the progressive press process. The control unit controls the tap start and completion points of the tap unit, and the tap feed speed and return speed according to the press stroke and end angle of the press machine. Tapping is performed in synchronization with the press rotation speed.

In recent years, the number of contractors for tapping has been declining, and the order capacity of subcontractors has been limited, so a considerable number of companies have been forced to insource to a certain extent. However, insourcing inevitably increased the number of man-hours and personnel required for operations, and problems such as increased costs and decreased production efficiency became apparent. Under these circumstances, this product was created based on a request to make a machine that can perform pressing and tapping at the same time.

Excellent durability, heat resistance, and response to displacement

As the starting point, "Tap unit ST in progressive press mold" has been devised with from feedbacks from on-site users. In order to integrate the tap unit in the mold, first its size must be reduced, then it must be durable enough to move continuously within a press machine that weighs dozens or hundreds of tons. By selecting a metal material to prevent seizures, determining the strength, and adopting a “fluctuating structure” for the tip shaft required for tapping accuracy, the displacement of the pilot hole and the vibration of the material are absorbed. Accurate tapping also contributes to a reduction in raw materials.

The product has already been delivered to customers in the home appliances industry, metalworking industry, precision equipment industry, etc., and can be used for machining, shaping, machine parts, etc. In particular, it is ideal for manufacturers that produce home appliance parts, construction hardware, and vehicle parts in the metal stamping industry.

To implement the device, we interview workers about the usage environment at the company, then we find out about the material and thickness of workpieces, tap size, number of tap unit shafts, coarse / fine (pitch) standards, press rotation speed, etc. Based on this information, the complete system unit will be delivered. After the mold design, production, and installation at the company, we also provide support such as a post-implementation check as needed.

As the “Tap unit ST in progressive press mold” shows, Koga Machinery excels at developing original products in response to “on-site problems”. Hopes are high for the product's future.

Coverage date July 1, 2019


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A manufacturer that develops and manufactures automation equipment, custom machines, and processing machines. The technology cultivated as a robot system integrator and the know-how gained from the manufacture of over 2000 machines are combined to provide tapping machines, cutting machines, press machines, and robotics-driven systems. We aim to solve challenges related to automation and manpower-reduction at production sites.

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