V-groove PCB splitter that solves the problems of manual splitting such as chipping and warpingTECHNICAL SUPPORT Co.,Ltd


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Easy and safe for anyone to use; can be transported to multiple work sites

Product name = Easy V-Groove PCB Splitter—V-Cut Series

Achieving peace of mind, easy use, and low cost for clean cut surfaces

PCBS are used in all kinds of electronic devices, so there are countless needs for size and shape. Boards are usually processed with features such as V-grooves so that they can be easily split according to the usage. However, splitting boards by hand results in a significant amount of problems such as chipping and warping of cut surfaces.

The Easy V-Groove PCB Splitter—V-Cut Series produced by Technical Support Co., Ltd. solves the aforementioned problems of manual splitting and also suppresses dust generation due to splitting. Furthermore, cutting can be performed easily and safely even by beginners. The series is also designed to be compact and lightweight so that it can be transported and used at multiple work sites. Another major appeal of the series is that the cost is about 1/10 of conventional splitters.

Reduce stress exerted on boards by the upper and lower blades

A clean cut surface with less dust is achieved by the blades positioned above and below the product. These blades are designed to cut by sandwiching the V-groove from both sides. This prevents excessive stress from being applied on the board. Additionaly, the series offers a variety of models (manual, motorized, attached table, etc.) depending on the type of PCB to be split and customer needs. All of the models are equipped with a blade guard as standard and feature extensive safety measures.

There have been many inquiries from companies that are unable to install full-scale router-type or press-type splitters due to the large initial investment. So far, about 350 units have been sold to electronic device manufacturers and PCB manufacturers.

Looking at integration into mass production equipment

Technical Support is looking forward to creating new value through co-creation with companies that want to incorporate their splitter into mechanical devices. Until now, the V-Cut Series has often been used for high-mix low-volume processing of products such as prototype boards. Moving forward, Technical Support would like to incorporate the series into mass production machines in order to improve productivity. If this vision is achieved, when considering how PCBs are essential for all electronic devices, the potential of the series will expand far beyond the electronics field.

Corporations related to electronic devices should pay close attention to the V-Cut Series, its potential, and the future of Technical Support.

Coverage date October 31, 2019


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Technical Support Co., Ltd. was established in 1979. Technical Support is a comprehensive manufacturer that handles everything from mechanical, electrical, and electronic design to component processing, assembly and electrical equipment in a wide range of fields, mainly mechatronics. The company handles various types of inspection and labor-saving equipment, data analysis systems, medical equipment, and also develops and sells its own products. Currently, while focusing on the development of the motor performance evaluation system Motor Bench with an eye on the development of next-generation vehicles, Technical Support is preparing to acquire JISQ9100 certification in June 2020 and aims to enter the space industry.

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