Improve worker performance with Hana Auto, which automatically cleanses the nose with easeNIKKO SEIKI CO.,LTD


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Nikko Seiki's brand “nicoja” electric nasal irrigator “Hana Auto” is portable

Product name = "Hana Auto"

Pollen and house dust stuck to the nasal mucous membrane are automatically cleaned

One in four people supposedly have hay fever, and many Japanese people suffer from allergic rhinitis caused by house dust regardless of the season. The lowered performance of workers due to these nasal symptoms cannot be overlooked by businesses seeking to increase their productivity.

The anticipated solution to this problem is Nikko Seiki's "nicoja" brand electric nasal irrigator "Hana Auto." Just put in place the dry cell battery as well as special detergent or salt water, then press the button. A warm water stream at less than 40°C automatically cleanses the clogged area deeply inside the nasal cavity for about 20 seconds, and removes all pollen and house dust attached to the mucous membrane.

It is easily transported thanks to the dry cell, and can cleanse quickly and thoroughly compared to conventional manual cleaners. The water flow is smooth, and you can select from three types: weak, medium, and strong. In addition, it has been approved as a general medical device, so even people who are not accustomed to nasal irrigation, including children and the elderly, can use it with confidence.

Water pump technology developed by OEM available

The company primarily manufactures various devices by OEM※1, and utilizes the technology developed in the process and its second-class marketing license for medical devices to focus on the development of proprietary products. The company has already launched various creative products such as a cordless low-frequency therapy device and a batteryless dynamo-equipped thermometer.

Above all, Hana Auto was created by applying the technology and expertise for water flow pumps accumulated during the OEM production of a portable buttocks cleanser and a mouth cleanser to "nasal irrigators" with niche but solid needs.

Already, about 30,000 units have been sold through mail-order companies, e-commerce sites, and electronics retailers. In recent years, its effect and benefits have been discussed on television as it garners further attention.

※1 Abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturing, which refers to the manufacture of products of other brands and the manufacturers of those products.

Improved labor productivity through nasal cleansing

Hana Auto is used not only by ordinary consumers but also by actors and other people who use their voices professionally. Because of its excellent portability and low running costs, the product could conceivably be used in nursing homes and medical institutions where some people cannot get rid of their stuffy nose.

In addition, it is an essential item for ordinary companies which want to improve worker performance. The key to solving the problem of a declining workforce, which has already begun to cast a shadow on Japanese companies, is figuring out how to maximize productivity per worker. As a potential barrier to this, nasal problems are increasingly viewed as a corporate issue, with some companies actually assisting employees with anti hay fever measures.

Hana Auto alleviates various nasal symptoms using a medical approach, and given the aforementioned circumstances, it may soon garner further attention from companies and workers.

Coverage date July 5, 2019


Company overview


A manufacturer founded in 1965 that performs everything from the development and design to the manufacturing of home appliances, medical equipment, in-vehicle equipment, and housing-related products. We utilize technology developed through OEM, ODM※2, and EMS※3 to develop many proprietary products that solve the world's problems. The proprietary brand under development called "nicoja" is a combination of "nico" from Nikko Seiki and "ja" from Japan.
※2 Abbreviation for Original Design Manufacturing, in which the brand products of other companies are not just manufactured but even designed and developed.
※3 Abbreviation for Electronics Manufacturing Service, which means contract manufacturing of electronic devices.


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