Lightning rods alone cannot protect them
"Demolition separation machine SPD" that protects electronic equipment/equipment from "Lightning damage."OTOWA ELECTRIC Co.,Ltd


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"Demolition separation machine SPD LT-TS 2312 series" for prevent lightning surge caused by lightning effect.

Learnning Points

  • The damage caused by lightning strikes is not just a direct hit
  • Lightning rods cannot protect electrical equipment from lightning
  • Consulting by experts of lightning countermeasures as well as sales of an arrester

"Lightning strikes" that cause damage without a direct hit

One of the natural disasters "Lightning strikes." According to a study by OTOWA ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer of lightning countermeasures that continues to explore "Thunder" since its founding, damage caused by lightning is increasing every year from global warming.
The main damage caused by lightning is industrial equipment and communication equipment that uses semiconductor circuits. Along with the development of the IT society, these have been widely used not only for companies but also for general households, but cases in which malfunctions and equipment failure or destruction are caused by vulnerability to "Lightning surges" of overvoltage/overcurrent generated by lightning strikes. And the total amount of lightning damage in the country is reported to be about 200 billion yen (Technical Report of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of 2002).
Also, a "Lightning surge" which causes damage to electric facilities and electronic equipment occurs not only when the lightning strikes are hit but also by "Induced lightning" occurring in electric wires, telephone lines, antennas, etc. in the surroundings of the lightning. It is said that the influence of this induced lightning is extended to several kilometers ahead, and there is a danger of induced thunder if you hear rumbling and thunder nearby.

The damage caused by lightning strikes is not just from power

Speaking of lightning countermeasures devices, it is probable that everyone imagines a "Lightning rod." However, the lightning rod is for protecting the exterior of the building, and few people understand that electrical equipment cannot be protected from lightning.
Protecting electrical equipment from lightning is called a "SPD (Serge Protective Device)." When overvoltage and overcurrent generated by lightning strikes occur, it cuts off inflow to those hydroelectric facilities and safely discharges to earth. And it has a function to restore to a healthy state.
In addition to the LAN cable connected to the communication equipment, the lightning surge also enters from the antenna and so on, so it is necessary to install a lightning arrester according to the application.
We have established the "Thunder technology center," which is a key station and is the only residential house for private surge verification simulation houses for thunderstorms and is concerned with lightning protection that enables contract testing as well as development and evaluation of its products conforming to JIS and IEC standards.

Detailed lightning protection package by the specialized manufacturer

Utilizing the experience and achievements cultivated since its foundation in 1946, we manufacture and sell a wide variety of lightning arrestors as the only lightning countermeasure manufacturer in Japan. However, as lightning countermeasures vary depending on the equipment and wiring to be protected, the optimal countermeasures range, so now we are also working on diagnostic and proposal related to lightning protection countermeasures, consulting, construction, maintenance.

  • Damage due to lightning strikes can cause secondary damage including not only direct damage such as breakdown or destruction of electronics and equipment but also stop of factory operations. It is indispensable to conduct appropriate lightning stroke just as lightning strikes tend to increase due to abnormal weather due to global warming. Also, it is not limited to offices and factories. In particular, demand for arrestors for general houses will increase in the future, especially for all-electric homes.

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We have deep knowledge about the thunder as only one manufacturer of thunder resistance countermeasure device and using its knowledge and the technology, we develop, design, sell, construct and maintain the thunder resistance countermeasure devices which protect the electric equipment from thunder. We can run various commissioned test of customer's new technology and products at our test facility. You can use our service for better quality and at low cost.

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