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An ERP system that takes into account the realities of small and medium-sized businesses and can add necessary functions when needed

Product name = "BAISOKU-ERP", a full-order ERP for small and medium-sized businesses

We can build an ERP system tailored to each company's business

ERP*1(Core integration) systems which realize the centralized management of a company's core operations such as human resources, production, and sales, have attracted attention from a wide range of industries as a means of effectively utilizing management resources. However, many small and medium-sized companies have been reluctant to invest in IT due to a lack of an available budget and uncertainty about the effects of implementation. To solve such issues, BAISOKU Corp developed "BAISOKU-ERP," a full-order ERP for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The product, which is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, uses a component-based system that allows you to add as many features as you need, when you need them. Unlike a packaged system, you don't have to worry about spending money on unnecessary functions, and you can build your own ERP system by selecting the necessary options from order management, production management, inventory management, SCM*2, etc., according to your company's business, while keeping costs low. The system can be freely customized, and a variety of data analysis functions that utilize statistics make it possible to utilize the collected data for business improvement and management decisions.
*1 Abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. In Japanese, it is abbreviated as "corporate resource planning."
*2 Abbreviation for Supply Chain Management, which means management of the entire supply chain from purchasing to sales.

More than 150 companies have adopted the system due to its diverse benefits.

Twenty years after its release, this product has been introduced to more than 150 companies as their core system. Its easy-to-understand screen structure with extensive use of tables, a wide range of functions, and high operability, are highly regarded, according to the company. The company is also able to quickly respond to customization by adding optional functions and original features by professional staff, and focuses on after-sales services such as maintenance and operation.

When we receive an inquiry, we first learn about the business and its challenges. After receiving an order after proposal and quotation, the company does not go through the general steps of defining requirements, design, development and testing ......, but first goes into prototyping. Then, using our proprietary templates and automatic program generation tools, we complete, within two to three weeks, a prototype system that can meet the client's challenges. We provide systems that are suitable for each company at low cost and in a short period of time by adjusting functions and usability through on-site trials.

Contributing to the creation of a work system that is flexible in terms of time and location

Improving business processes and increasing productivity through the use of IT is a challenge for every company. Companies that have implemented this product have commented that their business efficiency has improved due to the openness of their data and the unification of their operations. In addition, many companies have realized a working system that does not restrict the time and place of work by seamlessly connecting the entire business using a cloud-based product and consolidating related data, and this has also played a role in improving the way people work.

The company hopes to contribute to the digital shift of small and medium-sized enterprises across Japan by forming partnerships with local IT companies that support its philosophy of using IT to create a profitable system for small and medium-sized enterprises and providing them with the product's know-how. The company is also eager to collaborate with other companies that possess proprietary technologies related to areas such as AI and robotics, and it is expected to realize its founding vision of "helping small companies with the power of IT" on a larger scale.

Coverage date July 30, 2020


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Established in 2001. With the keyword "systematization of profits," the company supports the computerization of small and medium-sized businesses to improve productivity and maximize profits through system development, database construction, and data analysis. The company provides IT consulting, IT implementation support including system development, and post-implementation operations, to provide a truly useful system that can be used to address an itchy area." The company is certified as a provider of IT implementation support services under the IT introduction subsidy 2020.

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