Resolving replacement shortages and boosting future technologies with Eye Tracking Core+SiB Co., Ltd.


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The "Eye Tracking Glasses" visualize human vision

Technical name = "Eye Tracking Core+"

Visualize veteran workers' skills to support skills transfer and education

The replacement shortage at Japanese manufacturing sites is only getting worse. With an aging and declining population at the root of the problem, many studies have considered how to pass on to future generations the skills of veteran craftsmen developed over many years.

Eye Tracking Core+ from SiB visualizes human vision. It acquires line-of-sight information such as what was seen, how many times, in what way, and for how long. The company's lightweight stylish wearable product “Eye Tracking Glasses” is equipped with this technology that acquires everything from raw eye movement data to visualized data. If these glasses are used by a veteran worker at the manufacturing site, the line-of-sight information is converted into data, and craftsmanship that cannot be conveyed by words or manuals is passed on as data. Furthermore, this data can be used to assist with skills transfer and education. In addition, by linking it with other sensors and systems, it might be used for technologies that prevent human errors that may occur at a manufacturing site.

Japanese brand eye tracking for Japanese customers

Eye Tracking Core+ is also characterized by its status as a Japanese brand technology designed, researched, and developed in Japan according to Japanese needs. Software usability, UI, and glass shape are designed based on the usage and requirements of Japanese users. The support team is also based in Japan, so you can get support in Japanese without any time difference issues.

During development, the company collaborated with experts in various related technologies such as eye tracking technology and research partner companies in order to close the gap with the technical capabilities of existing international products and eventually overtake them. In addition to improving the accuracy of information acquisition and increasing software performance, SiB has also worked to improve interoperability with promising biological sensors such as brain waves and motion capture.

Users who have experienced Eye Tracking Core+ at demonstrations held throughout Japan have responded very positively, saying the hardware and software are intuitive and easy-to-use compared to other companies' products, and that it's convenient that outdoor, indoor, and dark environments are all supported.

High hopes for technology driven by Eye Tracking Core+

Some manufacturing sites have already adopted Eye Tracking Core+, which is being used for skills transfer and educating young people. Potential adopters first watch a demonstration, then the company collects data at the site where you are considering introducing the technology. The acquired data is analyzed, digitized, and visualized in various ways using the provided software to offer a basis for considering to adopt it.

In addition to manufacturing sites, its use is expanding to environmental and infrastructure research, new technology development, and sports science research. In addition, SiB is analyzing driving behavior at universities and research institutions linking it to driving simulators, and analyzing consumer purchasing behavior in the marketing industry. The company poised to accelerate its interoperability with not just vision but also brain waves, heartbeats, motion capture, simulators, and other systems and biosensors. It will likely also be applied to fields with increasing demand in recent years such as autonomous driving, autonomous ship control, and autopilot.

Coverage date July 1, 2019


Company overview

SiB Co., Ltd.

SiB is a state-of-the-art technology research and development company. Its name comes from combining the initials of “Seeing is Believing” and “Sense / Imagination / Beyond.” Eye Tracking Core+ was created by combining the insights into and know-how about international products with the demands of Japanese customers. The company provides one-of-a-kind solutions like this by utilizing their unique technology development, research, and support system.

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