Comprehensive and Long-term Maintenance System can be Easily Achieved by Converting Existing Machines to IoTCosmotec Co.,Ltd


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Up to 4ms of operating data for each press machine can be checked on a computer.

Product Name: Predictive Maintenance Service for Industrial Machinery (CPMS)

4 ms Data Analysis Enables Maintenance Without Relying on Expert Personnel

Proper maintenance of industrial equipment is a lifeline for a manufacturing company. Cosmotec's Predictive Maintenance Service (CPMS) for industrial machinery collects and visualizes press equipment operating data while utilizing IoT and cloud technology. Abnormalities and signs of abnormality can be detected, and preventive and predictive maintenance can be performed from a long-term perspective.

When installed on existing press equipment, the sensor collects data up to 250 times per second in increments of 4ms (4/1000 seconds). It uploads the data to the cloud in near real time and performs visualization and analysis. The results are displayed on a computer or tablet screen in an easy-to-understand manner, depending on the press equipment model and installation location, and alerts are sent if the set thresholds are exceeded. Maintenance technology, which has traditionally relied on the five senses and experience of skilled workers, can be converted to data and visualized to detect the signs of abnormalities and make a significant contribution to stable production. Comprehensive maintenance is also possible, including for remote plants.

Providing a Complete Range of Services from IoT Design to Sensor Installation and Operation

The service processes large volumes of data, in increments of up to 4ms using data compression technology and a dedicated cloud, to capture minute changes in operation and make it quick and easy to visualize and manage. Furthermore, utilizing the sensing technology that the company has developed as an expert in press equipment maintenance, it has also developed technology to generate a virtual sensor from multiple sensors. This allows for data to be obtained fromareas that cannot be measured under normal circumstances. The data stored in the cloud can also be downloaded to be used for purposes other than anomaly detection, such as improving quality and productivity.

Based on the user's environment and requests, the company will first consider appropriate sensors and their installation locations using its test equipment. After installation on the user's equipment, the company will begin providing services such as data visualization and anomaly detection, as well as optional maintenance suggestions for management. Our strength is that we can provide a complete service, including IoT design, sensor installation, data collection and visualization, and anomaly detection.

In addition to press equipment in general, it can be mounted on machine tools.

The target is press equipment in generall*, which can be converted to the IoT system by retrofitting a sensor, regardless of the manufacturer or year of the machine. Also, by using general-purpose technology as much as possible, we have made it possible to mount the product on machine tools and various types of equipment other than presses.

In the future, the company plans to analyze data from its clients and provide them with knowledge and enhanced features through the cloud. In addition to conventional threshold setting and human monitoring, we are researching the introduction of automated AI detection and other methods for anomaly detection.

This service, which enables comprehensive remote management of equipment at any location in Japan and abroad while tracking its operational status via the cloud, will revolutionize the way manufacturing sites maintain their equipment in the face of an aging technician workforce and labor shortage.
*Please consult with us if yourpress is equipped with peripheral equipmentssuch as hydraulic press and high-speed press.

Coverage date July 6, 2020


Company overview

Cosmotec Co., Ltd

Established in 1987. The company provides maintenance services such as repair, modification, maintenance, and overhaul for various types of press equipment owned by manufacturing companies. The company can handle any type of press equipment from any manufacturer, and we also have our own processing plants and heavy machinery, so we can respond flexibly to urgent requests. The company also has a plant in Thailand and provides services in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

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