“Resin Double Wall Pipes with Leak Detection System”, has a double shell to prevent leakage of oil and water, and accurately identifies the leakage locations in the case of any leakage.Sanfreund Corp


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Double shell pipe. The oil leakage risk is significantly reduced by using two pipes.

Points to be noted

  • Contributes to the prevention of soil and environmental pollution caused by leakage of hazardous materials
  • Contributes to reducing expenses and labor costs as periodic inspections are not required

At present, environmental destruction and global warming are advancing globally. Under these circumstances, leakage accidents at facilities storing aging hazardous materials in various areas are considered to be a serious social problem as it leads to environmental destruction by causing soil pollution.
As a result, the law concerning underground storage tanks was revised in the Fire Service Act, and leakage prevention measures were made compulsory. The Government is also taking proactive measures such as providing partial subsidies for environmental protection projects on soil contamination in refueling facilities.
The public and private sectors should come together to solve the problem of soil conservation in the future. Facilities that handle hazardous materials such as gas stations are facing a chronic shortage of personnel in recent years. In this scenario, oil companies and facilities management companies need equipment to prevent environmental pollution caused by leakages without relying on personnel.

Sanfreund Corporation is directly working on these issues and developing products to meet the requirements. The company has developed many products to prevent leakage of hazardous materials, especially underground tanks and pipes enabling owners of hazardous materials storage facilities to promote their businesses with confidence.

Among the products developed by the company, “Resin Double Wall Pipes with Leak Detection System” for tanks and piping has received a high evaluation, especially from oil companies.
The oil leakage risk is significantly reduced by using tanks and pipes with double shells, and leakage is detected by incorporating a sensor in the gap between the two shells.

A sensor is installed in the gap between the main and outer shell of a double shell pipe. Sensors are placed throughout the piping, allowing pinpoint detection of leakage.

The “Resin Double Wall Pipes with Leak Detection System” has been certificated as continuous monitoring equipment based on the performance evaluation by the National Hazardous Material Safety Association. Therefore, periodic inspection (Once a year as mandated by law) of underground piping is not required. Since professional contractors are required to implement the periodic inspections, maintenance costs can be reduced by using this system.
This system enables continuous monitoring and management using a network, and it has benefits of providing immediate response in the case of leakage accidents, and reduced labor cost for monitoring and management.

According to Mr. Akihiro Oshikiri from the company, “Other products are available that detect leakage, but only the ‘Resin Double Wall Pipes with Leak Detection System’ can accurately identify the leakage locations of oil and water with the leakage detection sensors”.
This technology is unique not only in Japan but also in the world. With this unique technology, it is not necessary to inspect all the pipes, and even when there is a leakage, pipes can be replaced partially, and time required for construction work can be reduced. This enables a substantial reduction in maintenance cost.

This unique technology has been attracting attention, and now businesses other than oil companies have expressed their interest. The company intends to expand its sales channels to companies selling materials and engaged in construction, design offices, and fields such as water distribution pipes and air conditioning. Although “Resin Double Wall Pipes with Leak Detection System” has been patented, the company is discussing joint development projects with European and American piping manufacturers, and further progress is expected.
It is expected that this technology, which was developed to solve the problems in Japan, will have a global reach.

Interview Date: February 12, 2019


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We have complete range of products related to measures for dangerous material to prevent leakage especially for underground tanks and piping, so that dangerous goods storage facility owners can conduct business with confidence. We hope that we can provide good service to customers with a wealth of experience and reliable technology for many years.

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