"Chemical polishing" polishes a wide variety of metal products at a low cost and with short delivery timeMINAMI CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Ltd.


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To polish, just immerse the object in the chemical polishing solution. The photo shows a titanium alloy being polished

Technical name = "Chemical polishing"

A wide range of metals can be polished regardless of size, shape, and material

“Chemical polishing” is a polishing method that removes minute irregularities and contaminated layers on the surface of metal products by chemical reaction. The surface is smoothed by immersing the metal in the treatment liquid and preferentially dissolving the minute convex sections on the surface.

The great advantage of chemical polishing is that it works even on materials that are difficult to machine due to not cutting well, such as titanium alloys and stainless steel. Compared with other polishing methods such as “buffing”*1 and “electropolishing”*2, chemical polishing is simple, inexpensive, and quick, because the polishing method consists only of immersing the product in solution. In addition, there are many advantages such as compatibility with complicated shapes, micro products, and large products that are difficult to polish by other methods.

*1 A method of polishing by rotating a buff made of cloth or paper against a metal surface
*2 A method of polishing by putting metal in the electrolyte and melting it by applying a positive current to the metal.

Utilizing non-ferrous metal cleaning technology to develop an original polishing liquid and polishing method

Minami Chemical Engineering, Ltd. has been working on the surface treatment of metal products for many years, and has refined the technology to prepare and use various chemicals according to the application when cleaning non-ferrous metals.

Based on this blending technology, Minami Chemical Engineering developed its own chemical polishing solution and polishing method that apply the principles of etching. Minami Chemical Engineering achieved chemical polishing that enables polishing under conditions that are difficult for other methods.

The development involved joint development with the public testing and research institute of the prefecture and companies outside the prefecture. Existing customers have highly praised the product finish.

With regard to the implementation flow of chemical polishing, first the company's engineering department conducts basic tests on the composition of the polishing solution and the polishing conditions according to the material and usage of the product. After that, a large-scale mass production test in the factory leads up to commercialization.

Supplying products to the aerospace industry where accuracy is required

The company's chemical polishing technology has been qualitatively improved through the development of a proprietary polishing solution. It is now being used in the aerospace industry where a precise polishing finish is required. In the surface finishing stage of large titanium alloy products, it is used for pretreatment to prevent defects during welding, and for the removal of the oxide contamination layer generated during machining.

The medical equipment field requires precise finishing, so there should be potential needs there as in the aerospace industry. In search of such technology, Minami Chemical Engineering has received trial product requests from various companies throughout the country.

Currently, Minami Chemical Engineering is conducting joint research with an university on the mechanisms of chemical polishing, aiming for fields which require precision polishing with higher added value. In addition, Minami Chemical Engineering is considering using it as a processing technology for adjusting the thickness of steel and stainless steel plate products, and as a processing technology for turning stainless steel sheet materials into product shapes. Development is proceeding at a rapid pace in order to support “mirror polishing,” which has higher requirement specifications.

Coverage date July 25, 2019


Company overview


An engineering company that provides technologies such as chemical cleaning of metals. Specializes in metal surface treatment for products in heavy industries such as shipbuilding, power plants, and aerospace. With high-precision, high-quality processing technology such as aerospace-related chemical polishing and passivation treatment*, Minami Chemical Engineering aims to acquire the aerospace industry's international quality management system standard “JIS Q 9100: 2016” by 2020.

* A treatment in which a thin film called a chromium oxide film (passive film) is applied to the surface to prevent deterioration (rust) of stainless steel

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