The rehabilitation pedometer "AM800N" measures irregular gaits with original technologyACOS Co.,Ltd


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The rehabilitation pedometer AM800N measures irregular gaits such as "slow walking" and "shuffling"

Product name = Rehabilitation pedometer "AM800N"

Measures rehabilitation progress

Wanting to know how much a patient working towards rehabilitation is actually moving... ACOS's rehabilitation pedometer "AM800N" was born in the face of such requests from medical institutions and rehabilitation patients. A built-in 3D accelerometer and unique algorithm measure irregular gaits such as "slow walking" and "shuffling" that ordinary pedometers struggle with. Since the number of normal steps and irregular steps can be differentiated, rehabilitation progress is checked from the ratio of normal steps to the total number of steps. Activity time, activity quantity , and posture information are also measured, with daily data stored on the device for 90 days and 2 minute interval data stored for 15 days. Also equipped with a wireless communication function so if you transfer the data to the custom app, you can easily print it as a graph or manage it by CSV output that is turned into a file when opened in Excel.

Developed a unique algorithm that accurately detects the number of steps

The rehabilitation pedometer "AM800N" measures various data as described above simply by attaching a clip to the waist belt. Unprecedented functions have been created with the advanced sensing technology of the 3D accelerometer and step detection technology using a unique algorithm. In particular, the algorithm was difficult to develop because it needed to be designed to accurately measure the number of steps, even though gait type differs among individual rehabilitation patients. Therefore, with the cooperation of local medical institutions and referring to specialist advice and data on rehabilitation patients, we solved each of the challenges listed above, leading to commercialization. While we're still at the stage prior to general sales, there has been an excellent response from medical institutions and nursing care facilities that have introduced it on a trial basis, such as comments that they can now collect data which previously couldn't even be measured.

The uses for health data are expanding in the age of extreme aging

The company is approaching the social challenge of improving health by providing the product to the many facilities that require rehabilitation, including medical institutions and nursing care facilities, and to ordinary households with elderly and disabled persons. In addition, it may be possible to use various data obtained through the product to help develop new products that can solve new challenges.

Japan is aging at the fastest pace in the world, with the interest and demand for health rising. The world is paying attention to these medical technologies and medical services in Japan. In these times, the rehabilitation pedometer “AM800N” is likely to play a considerable role.

Coverage date June 28, 2019


Company overview

ACOS Co.,Ltd

Since its founding in 1992 in Iida city, Nagano prefecture, ACOS.CO.,LTD has developed activity meters for major corporate brands with OEM and ODM production, has developed and sold rehabilitation pedometers, activity meters, sleep monitors, and electronic ion toothbrushes under its own brand name, and planned, developed, manufactured, and sold health and medical equipment and analysis software. The internally developed AM510N wireless activity meter has recently been equipped with a new function for communicating with iPhones and NFC.

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