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Pursuing one-of-a-kind resin cutting technology only possible by Jp CubicJp Cubic Co.,Ltd


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"Jp Cubic Co.,Ltd." was established in 2005, and exactly 10 years have passed since the company began operation at its manufacturing division. Jp Cubic provides ultra-high-precision resin processing technology that cannot be imitated by other companies. The company has actively installed advanced processing machinery for ultimate accuracy. Other major strengths of Jp Cubic are the high absolute value for quality assurance, and the establishment of technology for ultra-high accuracy and extremely difficult processing. This is achieved through numerical management of various technical elements based on processing theory and mechanical principles. We spoke with Masahiko Ito, CEO and President of Jp Cubic.

Ultra-high-precision resin processing realized only with machining centers

Resin is lighter than metal, but it is vulnerable to heat. For this reason, it is difficult to use electrical discharge processing, wire cutting, and polishing machines which are commonly used when processing metal. Even when shaving was possible at the machining center, craftsmen were required for the subsequent finishing work. This created an issue in which quality varied among individual products.

"Simply through shaving at machining centers, Jp Cubic can stably manufacture resin products with a finishing accuracy that surpasses polishing by craftsmen. Dimensional accuracy is ±1/1,000 mm, while our company's highest value for mirror surface processing roughness* is Ra0.005 μm (1 μm = 0.001 mm). Our ultra-thin processing wall thickness is 0.014 mm. Our company has created our own original methods for the polishing work which takes craftsmen from one to three days to perform. In just five to ten minutes, part-time staff can perform finishing work that is far superior to the work performed by craftsmen. Furthermore, polishing can be performed for parts which could not be handled in the past. "

By implementing Jp Cubics's technology, processing which requires advanced technology even for metal processing can now be achieved with resin. This enables a shift to resin for parts which were previously made from metal due to the difficulty of molding.

"Demands from society for decreased weight as an environmental measure have led to heightened needs for changing metal parts to resin. Jp Cubic views this shift to resin as a big opportunity for our company."
*A numerical value of surface roughness. The smaller the value, the smoother the surface

Example of a resin product that was processed using Jp Cubic technology—like a work of art

Developing manufacturing technology by combining multiple mechanical devices

The foundation of the company's technology is the optimal use of advanced equipment. According to the properties of the object being processed, Jp Cubic devises usage methods and combinations for equipment while considering the environment in which processing is performed. The company has also installed the latest inpsection equipment.

"Currently, the types of processing machines for plastics is far fewer than for metal. However, as a "manufacturing professional," we believe that our role is to devise combinations which enable equipment to perform at 120% to 150% of their inherent capability."

Products produced through such processes are already spreading to various industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, ships, semiconductors, medical equipment, and amusement-related products.

"In many cases, we receive requests for appealing design in addition to accuracy. Some examples include bottles for high-end cosmetics and smartphone cases. Sometimes, we even receive requests for cutting experiments from organizations such as corporate research institutes and universities."

Further value added through cooperation among corporations possessing one-of-a-kind technology

Jp Cubic aims to "provide number-one added value through one-of-a-kind technology." The company is expected to handle work at a level which can only be achieved by Jp Cubic, not at the level of orders which can be handled by other companies.

"In the past, our company accepted orders which seemed impossible, like if someone was trying to run 100 meters in under 9 seconds. However, when we were able to achieve such seemingly impossible orders, the other party was overjoyed and we felt a huge sense of satisfaction. Jp Cubic finds these challenges to be highly exciting."

Jp Cubic, which is focused to becoming a global niche top, closed the interview with a message for its future partners.

"Connecting high-tech companies always creates a synergistic effect. By partnering with corporatins which possess commitment and passion towards their own technology, Jp Cubic seeks to advertise Japan's unparalleled technological capability and outstanding performance throughout the world."

Company overview

Jp Cubic Co.,Ltd.

Masahiko Ito, President and CEO

Jp Cubic Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005. The company handles the cutting of plastic parts, and also manufactures and sells mass-produced parts. Jp Cubic specializes in custom-made manufacturing of jigs, inspection tools, and various devices. It provides products to a wide range of industries including OA, medical equipment, automobiles, semiconductors, and amusement.

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Coverage date February 6, 2020

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