"Porous cast iron RASK" to be incorporated into machines for vibration isolation
Improvement in productivity can be expected by suppressing vibrationsuisaku Co.,Ltd


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Realize vibration absorption performance like rubber with unique technology
New materials for noise and vibration prevention measures "Porous cast iron RASK" suppressing vibration

Learnning Points

  • Technology ability to embody original products
  • The expertise that can correspond from consultation to design

Suisaku to design and install equipment to prevent noise and vibration, consulting, etc. As a part of measures to avoid vibration and noise, we offer a developed material "Porous cast iron RASK" produced by original technology. We are promoting the spread of RASK so that it can help companies that want to improve soundproofing of buildings and companies that want to increase machine productivity by suppressing vibration.

RASK is a material that has the effect of suppressing vibration, made from a strip of cast iron. It is characterized by being a "Three-layer porous structure" divided into thin and dense parts where fine holes are formed, by applying special processing such as rapid heating by electric energy and pressure molding. For example, when sound waves hit this RASK, sound energy is converted into thermal energy inside RASK, absorbing vibration. Although it is hard, it shows vibration-absorbing performance comparable to rubber, and it can be expected to be useful concerning noise and soundproofing.

RASK was developed in 1979, while the previous CEO was in college. Started using in the concert hall as an acoustic material, now also shipped to manufacturers involved in automobile manufacturing. It is used in a form to be incorporated as a part of a machine for processing metal and the like. Unlike rubber, due to its characteristic that it does not deform firmly, it can work with the vibration of the machine itself suppressed, so it can be expected to improve processing speed and production accuracy.

RASK has been introduced to a wide range of fields such as manufacturing industry, soundproof measures such as Shinkansen, linear motor cars, concert halls, and condominiums. As a consultant on noise and vibration countermeasures at the company, RASK is proposed as a solution in daily consulting work. However, since it is a product of high originality in addition to its low profile of in-house developed products, there are many difficulties in the public aspect. There are a lot of cases where customers sometimes have suspicions that "metal absorbs vibration." We are continuing our efforts to win trust through grateful explanation and introducing various examples accumulated so far.

Currently, in addition to exhibitions, Suisaku is seeking to improve awareness by posting videos on the facebook page demonstrating the difference between RASK and a general iron plate by how golf balls bounce. Yuichiro Kaitani, CEO of the company, said, "We would like to be a company that is called a "Doctor of noise and vibration countermeasures," and it shows motivation. In the future, we are planning to improve the value of the company as an expert of noise and vibration countermeasures, for example by spreading RASK.

It can also be used under the machine body as an anti-vibration table. By adjusting RASK usage, you can manage the magnitude of vibration.
  • RASK, which is useful in preventing vibrations and noises, can be said that every place where sound is generated has the possibility of use. If the awareness of the product increases in the future, it can be used not only in factories and concert halls, but also in public institutions such as stations and schools, and amusement facilities. Installation of RASK on the walls of buildings can be done even after construction, so it seems that introduction into existing buildings will be expanded as well.

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We offer anti-vibration measures including vibration-isolated tables/components and low frequency soundproof boxes
to improve productivity and working accuracy using porous metal RASK which is “as capable as rubbers to reduce vibration, hard and able to reduce even infrasound vibration.”
We address impulsive vibration including from punching presses as well as nano-level vibrations such as from semiconductor making equipment.

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