Contributing to environmental clean-up with "lamp catalyst" which decomposes harmful substances only by indoor light.Global Ecology Co.,Ltd


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Learnning Points

  • Specialized type business development of environmental purification.
  • Development of leading-edge technology to living level.
  • Appeal high cost-effectiveness.

Global Ecology Co., Ltd. which is a manufacturer of lamp catalyst related products, and deals with deodorant, antibacterial and environmental problems in general households and facilities. There is a lamp catalyst technology "Eco Lara Coat" which can decompose viruses, fungi, smells and harmful substances only by indoor light.

Since conventional photocatalysts reacted only with ultraviolet rays (contained in about 3% of sunlight), almost no effect of environmental purification was obtained in a room where external light does not enter. However, the "lamp catalyst" that evolved the company's photocatalyst can decompose organic matter such as viruses, fungi, smells, harmful substances only by indoor light. Because it uses ingredients (titanium oxide) also used for white chocolate and toothpaste while having about twice the decomposition power of chlorine, it is harmless to the human body. "Eco Lara Coat" provided by our company is a commercialization of this lamp catalyst technology.

The excellent point of "Eco Lara Coat" is not limited to just safety and power to respond to light. A conventional photocatalyst requires an undercoating called a binder when used, and requires proficient skills.Therefore, it took much of man-hour to construct, and the labor costs were bulked up.But since the company's "Eco-Lara Coat" can be sprayed easily with an amateur even with an original construction equipment, it can be performed in about 6 hours in case of a normal room construction that was used to be done over a few days, so that the store could reduce the risk of duration of closing down.In addition,since the company's lamp light catalyst is effective for 5 years from the time of construction, the cost effectiveness is also high.

Due to these characteristics, "Eco Lara Coat" has been introduced everywhere, including corporations and individuals, such as passenger cars, hotels, smoking areas, kindergarten buses, headquarter buildings of major corporations, major pet-shops. Furthermore, it is utilized not only in buildings and cars, but also in various situations such as contaminated soil / sludge purification, purification of crude oil adhering to beach sand, other waste oil purification. It would have to greatly contribute to environmental clean-up, removing pollutants from the contaminated environment and restoring it to its original normal environment.

  • "Eco Lara Coat" is a commercialization of the epoch‐making technology developed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. In this manner, it will be very important how to expand fundamental technology to the level of living and to commercializing.
  • As mentioned above, this environmental countermeasure product can be applied to multiple fields, and it will be possible to expand not only within Japan but also overseas.

company information

We are a manufacturer of the world's highest performance photocatalyst (light catalyst), and we strive to solve environmental problems in Japan and around the world. Light catalyst evolves the technology of photocatalyst, which decomposes organic matter such as virus, bacteria, odors, and harmful substances using only room light. While possessing twice as much decomposition ability as chlorine, it is made only from substances used in food additives.

company information

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