Medical needle "Endoneedle Neo" used in endoscopic surgery of child's inguinal herniaCOSMICM.E INC.


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"Endoneedle Neo" connecting three types of needles
Endoscopic surgery smoothly by threading through the needle

Learnning Points

  • Innovative ideas not captured by existing shapes
  • Global perspective to advance to overseas medical sites

Cosmic ME Co., Inc. which manufactures and develops medical devices, etc. We developed "Endoneedle Neo (laparoscopic percutaneous peritoneal hernia closure needle)" which are instruments aimed to be used in endoscopic surgery instead of conventional laparotomy surgery when the operation is performed on a patient with an inguinal hernia of a child. Compared with traditional laparotomy surgery, no scar remains, aiming to promote use in endoscopic surgery with the less physical burden on patients.

"Endoneedle Neo" is a medical instrument to be used by connecting needles with different roles such as puncture needle, thread feed needle, and thread recovery needle. A pediatric inguinal hernia is a symptom that the intestine falls as a result of opening the "Hernia gate" which should have been closed in the past, and it is necessary to close the hernia gate with a suture at the operation by surgery. However, in the medicine using the conventional product, there was a disadvantage that the thread interferes with the insertion of the needle when suturing the hernia gate to insert the needle with the yarn attached to the affected part. In the product, it is possible to treat by adding the thread in the needle and to smoothly insert the needle into the affected region by connecting the puncture needle, the needle thread feeding needle, and the thread recovery needle to the procedure.

How to use "Endoneedle Neo"

The development of this product started in 2012. It is said that a request from a doctor who was dissatisfied with conventional products was a trigger, but the specialty field of us is the development of electronic medical devices. The start was searching for a cooperating company that construction of a medical needle is the first time and knowledge is inadequate and specializes in manufacturing needles. Also, there is a current situation that open surgery is conventional in operation of child's inguinal hernia, "Market is originally small, the probability of finding clients is low," Mr. Shinosuke Abe of sales department reveals his hardship. Currently, it conducts activities to improve awareness such as PR to products at academic societies related to medicine, said that introduction to two hospitals had been realized so far.

Mr. Abe said, "Endoscopic surgery for pediatric inguinal hernias is a technology from Japan, I would like to expand children's inguinal hernia regardless of skin color and gender so that I will extend it overseas," he said and to illustrate the vision of expanding sales channels. Talks with Vietnamese hospitals are ongoing, and we are focusing on dissemination not only in Japan but overseas. In addition to the "Endoneedle Neo" in recent years, we have also developed and sold "Juquiner" that crimping stocking putting pressure on the ankle to improve blood circulation and "Low-frequency treatment device Pulma" aiming to improve stiff shoulder stiffness and lower back pain by applying low frequency to the affected area, and we are aiming for aggressive development with these medical devices.

  • "Endoneedle Neo" embodies a novel idea of "Three-stage rocket system" that connects a puncture needle, a thread feed needle, and a thread collection needle one after another. Although it is a unique idea of threading through a needle, if endoscopic surgery in a child's inguinal hernia becomes standard in the future, the product may also be used on site as a medical instrument indispensable as it follows. Also, our products aiming for overseas expansion are expanding into the world with a firm tone in Vietnam. We also want to pay attention to future trends.

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Having acquired medical device quality standard, ISO13485: 2016 certification, we address the entire process from the procurement of components based on our established quality management system. We also have a track record of developing surgical devices classified as class III (specially controlled medical devices).

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