MINO, a super water-repellent jersey fabric based on experiences from the Great East Japan Earthquakekanemasu Co.,Ltd


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The jersey fabric MINO has greatly improved water-resistance and various added functions

Product name = “MINO”

Strongly repels water and mud, lightweight, and has excellent ventilation and elasticity.

Knitwear and other woven works stretch and breathe well, but have low water-resistance. The fabric retains its conventional advantages of softness, elasticity, and ventilation, but its knitting was improved to make it water-repellent, greatly improving its water-resistance. Various other functions were also added to the jersey fabric MINO from Kanemas. In addition to strongly repelling light rainwater and mud, the material is 100% polyester, so it is extremely lightweight and has an advantage in terms of price. In addition, it dries quickly, retains heat, and is UPF50+*.

* UPF stands for UV Protection Factor, and higher values offer more protection. All values above 50 are written as 50+

The structure of the Japanese traditional rain gear Mino inspired its development

The experiences of disaster victims and volunteers who faced the difficulty of not being able to wash rain-soaked clothes during the Great East Japan Earthquake triggered the development of MINO. Focusing on the structure of the traditional Japanese rain gear "Mino" that causes rain water to flow outwards along its straws, Kanemas developed an original technology where the fabric is woven into a 3D shape with an air layer to reproduce the effect with fibers. Kanemas has obtained a patent for the technology of giving this woven fabric water repellant properties.

To date, MINO has been adopted for rain wear in the nursing care industry, work clothes for farmers, and motorsports team wear. A nursing facility in the Tokyo metropolitan area that adopted MINO rainwear for staff and wheelchair users on a trial basis has provided feedback: "On rainy days we can now offer safe pick-up and drop-off services without using an umbrella." "Our clients no longer have that unpleasant feeling from raincoats."

Potential applications in myriad industries

The fabric will likely find further uses in the nursing care industry, and Kanemas also intends to bring it to a wider range of industries and products. For example, walking wear for rainy weather in the pet care industry, bags for walking, travel jackets for potential sudden stormy weather, baby ponchos and baby capes that protect babies from rain and UV rays, golf wear for golfers who brave the rain. Since the potential stage for MINO's success is the “everyday life” of normal people, the possibilities are endless.

Currently Kanemas does not sell fabrics, but does planning and sewing at its own factory based on client requests, creating and providing a finished, Japanese-made MINO product. Kanemas wants to commercialize the fabric in various areas and establish the MINO brand. There is strong interest in MINO's future development.

Coverage date July 1, 2019


Company overview

kanemasu Co.,Ltd

A company founded in 1953 specializing in the production of sportswear for schools and the general public. By having its own factory in Japan, Kanemas can now handle orders for small lots and various product types with short delivery times. It has acquired patents for fabric dyeing in nine countries, and MINO, which was patented in 2017, won several prizes including the Grand Prize in the Venture Spirit Division of the 6th Eiichi Shibusawa Business Award. Kanemas was certified as a “Sai no Kuni Certified Factory” in Saitama Prefecture and a "Driving Company for the Regional Future” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2018.

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