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"Soft ESCO" that eliminates energy costs without need of capital investment.EcoEnergy Co.,Ltd


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Without need of capital investment, energy cost cut by 10 to 50%. A unique deliverable guarantee scheme "Soft ESCO".


  • Pioneering new fields as a consultant.
  • Attitude to pursue the essence of energy conservation.
  • New enterprise value of nurturing human resource.

Pioneering the new field of energy conservation consultant.

ESCO (Energy Service Companies) conducts the business to reduce expenses such as customer's utility cost etc. In the conventional ESCO, hard ESCO, which proposes new equipment and inspects and maintains equipment, was mainstream.

However, "Soft ESCO" of our company, instead of facilitating new the hardware ESCO, we instructed the employees of client companies to run and operate facilities efficiently and made programs that build energy conservation mechanism by operating existing facilities optimally. As a result, by strengthening the software part which are the employees knowledge and practical experience, we have achieved results such as reducing the electricity usage by 30% in average.

The enterprises targeted by our company's program are those with an electricity usage cost of JPY 1 million or more per month. The achievement actual record of energy conservation program which is the predecessor of "Soft ESCO" is more than 620 business sites such as SONY · Otsuka Pharmaceutical · Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory · Otsuka food · Nissin medical food · NIDEK · small brewery etc.There are actual cases that electricity usage has been reduced by up to 50%.

Instead of reviewing facilities and maintenance, you can realize substantial cost cutting by instructing how to use the facility.

Results guarantee. Simultaneous realization with Cost reduction + Organization structure + Human resource nurture.

Our company's "Soft ESCO" trains the optimal usage of capital investment and maximizes the effect of existing facilities. In this manner, it is committed to converting the reduced costs into profits. In addition, it also realizes human resources nurturing and structure building in accordance with the culture of the enterprise at the same time. With intellectual property cultivated through experience in introducing energy saving services, it is the way to nurture talented personnel who initiatively discover and solve problems. That contributing not only to energy saving but also to improvement of daily work operation is the strength of "Soft ESCO".

In the level of understanding of trainees, three steps of "knowing" "understanding" and "capable to " are lying there. The usual training program is mostly completed by raising the trainees to the "knowing" "understanding" state, but our company’s program is different. The biggest feature of our "Soft ESCO" is that the trainees get bottom-up to the state of "tackle more than they are taught" and "take actions", and guaranteeing this results produced by them. The training does not end with only giving lectures, and practical trainings are carried out, and the outcome from them are produced. It increases competence (human power) of individuals who belong to the organization, brings vitality to enterprises, and creates profits after all.

Because it is a global social problem, be towards the global through nurturing human resources.

The countries agreed on the Paris Agreement on climate change that set measures against global warming after 2020 onward, and strengthening response to the threat of climate change is urged throughout the world. In response to the international problems, our company's "Soft ESCO" are able to contribute through human resource nurturing of companies. Our company aiming to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2050, also takes a consideration of developing "Soft ESCO" toward the world.
■ CO2 reduction
■ Cost reduction
■ Improvement of human power
■ Improvement of corporate vitality
■ Profit creation
Being able to provide these benefits in the times of when the environmental problems are being strongly spoken, our program must be globally accepted.

As more attentions are paid to the world's environmental issues such as the Paris Agreement on climate change, the expectations toward our "Soft ESCO" are also growing.

Though environmental problems have been strongly expressed out for a long time, there is an impression for the companies that seriously face energy conservation measures are few in worldwide. Meanwhile, we are continuing our steady activities toward zero emission of CO2. The company has so far focused on promoting energy saving, there is still new in our memory of East Japan great earthquake disaster. There are not many people who have noticed the importance of electricity and fuel for the first time in the event of earthquake disaster. In order to use energy permanently, not only we have to endure, but essential mechanisms and device are indispensable. The company has succeeded in raising the "influence, dissemination ability, penetration ability" of trainees not only by making educational programs, but also by disseminating its contents and focusing on human resources development to create a structure . We think that it would be a clue to solving environmental problems in a social scale by reforming the ideas of the user side and optimizing the energy saving system rather than the conventional energy consumption mechanism.

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Without investing in new equipment, you can realize reduced costs and CO2 emissions by changing the way you use your present facilities. EcoFitness is a remarkable original program that combines energy-efficient results plus organization as well as system creation plus training of core on-site personnel, which is tailored to the character of your business organization, to bring about increased profit (cost realization which equals profit creation) by improving your bottom line.

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