"Suyappi," a system for monitoring face-down sleeping that creates a reliable childcare environment with IoT technologytaiseinet Co.,Ltd


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A business card size sensor detects the baby's body orientation and sends it to a smartphone

Product name = "Suyappi," a system for monitoring face-down sleeping

A sensor that detects body orientation reduces the risk of sleeping face-down

In recent years, there have been a number of tragic incidents of infants suffocating or suddenly dying from sleeping face down. To prevent such accidents, nursery schools perform a “nap check” every five minutes to check the orientation and body movements of sleeping infants, which is a heavy burden on childcare staff.

TaiseiNet's face-down sleep monitoring system "Suyappi" automatically detects and records orientation and body movements in real time simply by inserting a business card size sensor between infants' pants, and sends the information to tablets and smartphones. There is also a function that alerts the childcare staff immediately if an infant happens to end up sleeping face-down. Not only does it reduce the risk of face-down sleeping accidents due to human error, but it can also output saved data, so it will greatly reduce the workload by automating the nap check at childcares by childcare staff.

Focus on ease of implementation and ease of use to help improve the environment at childcares

The primary barrier to system implementation is cost. And whether it's easy to use is crucial for actual users. To those ends, the system uses an IoT-driven sensor system to keep the price down, and only requires inserting a business card size device into the baby's pants. Furthermore, information is simplified by only displaying the minimum necessary information on the data screen. Childcare staff unfamiliar with machines and apps can start using it right away.

The company's deep-rooted user perspective comes from the development in cooperation with a childcare that actually accepts 0-year-olds. As the demand for childcare is expected to increase due to the free provision of early childhood education and childcare, the labor shortage at childcares has become a serious issue. This system could provide a solution by prompting the improved work efficiency of childcare staff.

Potential extension to ordinary households with cloud support

The system uses Bluetooth for data transmission and reception, so its use is currently limited to within a single room. The company is currently improving its systems, including implementing cloud support to enable monitoring in separate rooms and at remote locations. If realized, it could be used in a variety of ways, such as in ordinary households busy with housework and childcare, and in the nursing care industry, where there are elevated user needs for monitoring.

Also, by mounting the sensor on things instead of people, it could find use in fields such as agriculture and manufacturing. A monitoring sensor for babies could improve work efficiency across multiple fields. The potential for this hopeful future is only going to expand.

Coverage date October 15,2019


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taiseinet Co.,Ltd

The company was established in 1996. TaiseiNet develops systems, provides RFID and IoT driven solutions, creates websites, and runs computer schools for the elderly and business people. Provides "compassionate IT" and support with an integrated system from planning, development, and prototyping to sales and maintenance. In April 2019, a development center was opened in Niigata to help with regional revitalization.

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