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Eavesdropping, easy detection of voyeur radio waves "andea",
Will it be a new safe and secure infrastructure?mikikins Co.,Ltd


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Eavesdropping burglary detector for indoor, "andea".


  • We have focused on the fact that "danger is increasing in eavesdropping burglary while measures against it is not improved. "
  • Information leakage countermeasures, privacy protection are always necessary.
  • We will not forget the woman's point of view for "safe and security".

Privacy protection from the hands of professionals to familiar matter.

Entire era such as information leakage and privacy exposure, everyone is next to the risk of eavesdropping / voyeurism. However, there are still few people who are feeling like something else and are taking concrete measures. Also we believe that prevention peep of PC security and smartphone, when it comes to tapping and Voyeur measures "things to ask Detective" there are many people who would think it "TV things of the world," said somewhere. Our awareness has not kept pace with advances in voyeurism and eavesdropping devices that are becoming smaller and more sophisticated. In fact, the number of cleared cases of voyeurism has doubled compared to those of five years before.

In order to deal with that era, Mikikins Co., Ltd. develops businesses specialized in protecting eavesdropping / stealing and privacy. The main product, andea (Andea) is a wiretap detector for the indoor use. The big feature is to deal with both eavesdropping and camouflage detection, and if one of the radio waves has suspicious, it detects that, and it also identifies the transmission source.

Moreover, the biggest clue is to make it easy to understand the operation, lightweight, and compact design.Here is the idea of the company's "so that anyone can use it". Complex work like a machine used by a detective agent is not necessary, all operations are done by the buttons only. In addition, the compact design makes it possible to install in a small space of the facility and to carry it individually.

Plus a new value for "security" on the female perspective.

Besides its compactness, the company also features that it emphasizes women's perspective, such as dispatch service of "radio wave ready" that carries out a survey of eavesdropping and camouflage visits. It will also be related to the company's representative being a woman. In fact, the company received consultation on eavesdropping and voyeurism and is also focusing on introducing it in places such as women’s universities and schoolchildren changing rooms, sports facilities, especially in places where women are likely to target.

Currently, there are many accommodation facilities which are particularly in progress such as hotels, inns, and so on. There are also inquiries from real estate related such as using before and after moving. The company has also created a brand mark "radio wave cleaning" that shows wiretap surveillance is done, and also distributes stickers that are proof of its introduction. Being countermeasures is a great appeal for safe and secure for such facilities.

Addition might be possible to various services.

What we, Kikins, are expecting is regular detection surveys and suggests not only that they are installed by facilities but also businesses that deploy their services in their own company use it as additional services or sales tools . For example, by using a security company, a building maintenance company such as cleaning, you can add the item "eavesdropping / surveillance survey" as a menu of crime prevention measures by using andea.

Also aiming for further miniaturization in anticipated popularization to individuals, the development level of which always carry in bags is a future task.Considering the convenience for women and young people, we will also consider cooperation with smartphones and applications. Radio wave detection has the potential to become easy and familiar to that point.

Security cameras also appeared with the orotundity at the time of their appearance, but now it has become commonplace. What we are trying to challenge is not to sell goods, but to "new infrastructure for crime prevention measures". Andea is introduced in every facility and aims at a society that is always reserved like a fire extinguisher. For the year 2020, in the event that it is introduced in future sports facilities and the facilities for foreigners, the value of crime prevention measures in Japan itself will increase.Also easy to introduce as supplementary service is attractive, and courier service companies and office equipment maintenance companies who enter and exit various places such as offices and classrooms, etc. can add radio detection to their service.

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A business area that involves social issues but is yet to be established is security against wiretapping and secret filming. While this is a serious criminal activity, laws and regulations restricting it have not yet been established combined with low awareness by the general public. We run an original business with no other similar companies, consisting of the development of equipment helpful in preventing and deterring criminal activity in connection with wiretapping and secret filming, which have become social issues, and the provision of related services. Our operations cover everything from the manufacturing to sales of equipment specializing in prevention measures against wiretapping and secret filming as well as related services.

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