"Dry at low temperature" to commercialize the technologies of learning from the past!
"Microwave vacuum drying apparatus" excellent in electrical discharge resistanceMicro Denshi Co.,Ltd


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"Microwave vacuum drying apparatus" expected as a new microwave application heating technology

Learnning Points

  • Development capabilities to develop core technologies diversely
  • Solution power to respond to customer needs with technology

Boiling point decreases when decompressing and it can heat and dry things by irradiating with microwaves. By combining the two, we can make a device to dry the object at low temperature. It has been known for a long time, and there are some examples of vacuum microwave drying apparatus that have been manufactured and used so far, but the reason why it has not been popularized as a device is that there is a problem of "It is easy to discharge when irradiated with microwave under reduced pressure". "Microwave vacuum drying apparatus", which was excellent in discharge resistance to solve the problem, developed by Micro Denshi Co., Ltd., which was established.

Our equipment can freely set the microwave power to 0.1 to 6.0 kilowatts, and the furnace pressure can be controlled to 0.4 to 95 kilopascals. When weight is 4 kg/pascal or less, objects can be dried at low temperature with a boiling point of water of 30 °C or less, and it can be freeze-dried at a pressure of 0.6 kPa or less. For example, in the field of food production, it can be applied to applications such as drying while keeping enzymes alive or drying dried fruits at high speed. It is a device that can produce attractive products that have never existed before, and in fact, some manufacturers are moving to apply for new manufacturing methods through experiments using our test equipment.

What motivated the development of the device was the strong request from our client company. And the construction using the "Innovative manufacturing creation, commercial and service development support subsidies" in FY2014 started and completed the test equipment over a year and a half. Today, we are in the process of conducting experiments with three companies in various industries, and we are going to continue working on actual equipment introduction in the future. Regarding how to suppress the discharge as well as having difficulty in developing, we repeatedly examined the shape of the furnace and the design of the irradiation mouth of the microwave and led to the completion of a test apparatus excellent in discharge resistance. It is the birth of innovative products.

After completion of the test equipment, many inquiries such as "I want the material of the microwave vacuum drying apparatus" are given by information release by introduction article introduction to the public relations magazine for the electric industry and introduction of the apparatus at the Japan Electromagnetic Wave Energy Society. In the future, we will introduce "Microwave batch oven" used for preheating rubber materials, drying of insulation materials, candies, chocolate melting equipment, rubber vulcanizing equipment, ceramic molding drying equipment, as a sterilizer of bean sprout raw beans. It is planned to promote through exhibitions mainly at exhibitions including the existing variety of equipment such as "Microwave continuous rubber vulcanization device" being used. With the widespread use of microwave vacuum drying equipment, we are looking forward to seeing what new products and products with unique value-added will be produced.

  • Since its founding, we have developed, manufactured and produced various devices as a specialized manufacturer of microwave power applications. We are the only dedicated manufacturer in Japan, for example, about automotive window frames and door water stopping rubber products, it is said that the manufacturing equipment for products intended for Japanese cars is almost our exclusive place. In response to the active customer needs for us, we developed this microwave vacuum drying apparatus by demonstrating the expert who can freely use one core technology. From now on, it will be expected to utilize it for sectors other than the type of business that has been traded so far.

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We internally work on the development, production, and sales of microwave power application equipment and major devices, and strive to propose devices with high added value in the process of experiment, apparatus specification, and appropriate designing, and production to accommodate customer requests.

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