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Aiming to establish a system for cooperation among small lot factories by standardizing process and inventory managementmono-revo Inc.


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In the future, it is anticipated that there will be even stronger demand for manufacturing companies to respond quickly to high-mix low-volume production. " mono-revo Inc." is a production technology venture corporation that develops software and hardware to meet such demand. We spoke with CEO Yuta Hosoi about how the company's products can change the manufacturing system.

Process/inventory management software that meets high-mix low-volume needs

We have reached the end of the mass production era which focused on how quickly and cheaply the same goods could be made. Today, even SMEs require a diverse variety of goods. Companies now demand speedy manufacturing that achieves stable quality.

"In high-mix low-volume production, the work processes are becoming more and more complex. Even so, many SMEs still use whiteboards and spreadsheet software to manage their processes. This creates the possibility of late delivery due to mistakes such as missing processes at the time of planning. Therefore, mono-revo developed 'Small Lot Scheduler,' a software that can easily create a production plan and manage progress without errors."

Small Lot Scheduler enables users to formulate a production plan through minimal information input and simple, easy-to-understand mouse operations. Even more, progress management is possible through simple operations such as touching the screen. While most production management software is intended for back-office use by administrative staff, mono-revo's software is mainly intended for use at production sites of SME manufacturing companies. Small Lot Scheduler is special because of its simple and clear operation.

"Our company has also developed 'Inventory Scheduler' for supporting optimal inventory management. In addition to inventory management, the software also automatically formulates replenishment plans. This helps improve work related to stocktaking."

Example of "Small Lot Scheduler" screen

Developing hardware that further reduces hurdles to introduction

Since both Small Lot Scheduler and Inventory Scheduler are cloud-based applications, you can start using them easily, which is another great example. However, in the SME manufacturing industry, many workers are still unfamiliar with IT devices.

"For such companies, we also provide "Ikinari IoT," which enables digital management of progress by simply letting on-site staff act as usual. If you install the software for each work process and then hang the work instructions in front of the process, the information is shared with the linked software. From the point of view of on-site staff, simply moving the work instructions as before introducing Ikinari IoT will make it possible to automatically share information such as which process is currently being performed."

Optimizing overall manufacturing by matching needs and production capacity

mono-revo's products are already being used at many manufacturing sites related to automobiles, board mounting of electrical components, machine-tool components, aircraft components, and agricultural machinery. However, the company's aim goes beyond simply improving the business of individual companies.

"In the future, the manufacturing industry will be required to respond more flexibly to diversifying needs. Even now, it is not unusual to transfer orders to other nearby small factories fellow town factories. In order to facilitate such coordination, and to ensure the same level of quality, cost, etc., across all orders, the Scheduler series utilizes real-time data in a high dimension. mono-revo is considering the construction of a platform that enables high-quality matching among the surplus production capacity and manufacturing needs of each local factory."

Based on the company's philosophy of creating a revolution in the manufacturing system, mono-revo seeks to optimize the overall manufacturing industry through advanced standardization of production technology. Therefore, the company is looking for a partner who can cooperate in demonstration experiments using its products.

"We are looking forward to hearing from companies who empathize with our desire to create next-generation manufacturing by utilizing the diverse local factories in Japan, and then transmitting that manufacturing to the world."

Company overview

mono-revo Inc.

Yuta Hosoi, CEO

mono-revo Inc. was established in 2016. It is a production technology venture company that aims to build a supply chain platform by using IT to standardize production sites in the small lot manufacturing industry. The company develops and sells the special software "Small Lot Scheduler" for process management, "Inventory Scheduler" for inventory management, and "Ikinari IoT" for real-time progress management.

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Coverage date February 17, 2020

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