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Example of medical equipment using precious metal plating and anodic oxidation that combines aesthetics and functionality

Name of Technology/Service = Precious Metal Plating

Specializing in precious metal plating which contributes to various industries

In general, plating is generally a coating composed of a thin layer of pure gold, gold alloy, platinum, silver, rhodium, palladium, ruthenium, nickel, copper, etc., for the purpose of improving functionality, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appearance.

Nihon Dento Kougyo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958. The company possesses two advanced plating methods, electroplating *1 and electroless plating *2 . Each of these methods is provided at an advanced level and have contributed to solving problems in various industries such as medical instruments, musical instruments, electronic components, and accessories.

In addition, although a different technology than plating, the company also provides surface modification technology which utilizes the properties of titanium. By performing titanium anodic oxidation treatment *3 and controlling the thickness of the oxide film formed on the surface, it is possible to realize rich colors such as blue and pink, which are difficult to achieve with plating.
※1 Plating method in which an item is placed in plating solution and electricity is applied
※2 Plating method in which an item is placed in plating solution and a chemical reaction is generated without applying electricity
※3 Surface treatment which generates a man-made oxide film by using anodes to perform electrolytic treatment of metal

Providing three strengths including plating solution that is developed in-house

Nihon Dento Kougyo has three main strengths. Firstly, the company has about 50 types of solutions, with a focus on plating solutions that are developed in-house. Through selective use of these solutions and manual processing, the company responds to the detailed needs of our customers. Secondly, Nihon Dento Kougyo is capable of thick plating that requires advanced technology. Gold, silver, and palladium-nickel plating can be applied up to 100 μm (1 μm = 0.001 mm) .

Thirdly, the company also supports materials for which plating is said to be difficult. For example, when gold plating is applied to a stainless material, nickel plating is normally used as a base layer. However, this nickel may cause metal allergies, and thus tends to be avoided in the jewelry and medical fields. However, this problem is solved by Nihon Dento Kougyo's technology of plating gold directly onto stainless steel. Furthermore, the company can handle titanium, tungsten, and other materials for which direct plating is difficult.

Based on these strengths, the Company also satisfies the need for parts requiring high specifications that other companies cannot support. This includes plating on watches and plating on stainless steel catheter guidewires (medical devices).

Aiming to establish an integrated system from processing to precious metal plating

Nihon Dento Kougyo has worked to develop in-house plating solutions based on gold plating technology learned from the United States and Europe, and has refined its own proprietary processing technology. Moreover, in the field of surface treatment, the company also conducts joint projects with Yokohama National University, Kanto Gakuin University, and the Asahikawa National College of Technology.

Precious metal plating has high material costs and it is difficult to manage solutions. This makes it hard for new company to enter the industry. On the other hand, precious metal plating is indispensable as a base for the further development of high-tech fields. For example, in the fields of environment and energy, replacing precious metals with plating is expected to reduce environmental load, and plating surface treatment is expected to achieve high efficiency of heat exchangers in power plants. Under such circumstances, the value of Nihon Dento Kougyo will only increase in the future due to the company's ability to handle high-mix low-volume production and to develop systems that perform consistently from processing to precious metal plating.

Coverage date August 2, 2019


Company overview


Nihon Dento Kougyo was established in 1958. The purpose of plating is to create a beautiful appearance with a high sense of quality, as well to add metal properties to the original material. For example, preventing rust and discoloration, adding conductivity of heat and electricity, and improving lubrication and hardness. Therefore, the company supports high-level customer needs while valuing technology and quality in plating. Possesses ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. Nihon Dento Kougyo also complies with the RoHS Directive, REACH Regulations, etc.

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