Make a new shape of traditional craft with cloth "Washi paper canvas" fabricated from "Washi".MANYSIDE Co.,Ltd


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Paper cloth bag made from Washi paper. It is friendly to the environment because it returns to soil.

Learnning Points

  • Utilizing traditional crafting techniques, new value-added.
  • Making products that are naturally derived and environmentally friendly.

It is a traditional handicraft produced around the Shiroishi city of Miyagi prefecture since the Edo period, a special never allowed to be taken out product "Paper cloth" that was dedicated to the shogunate government. Our company succeeded in developing a new material "paper cloth canvas fabric" using this paper cloth and launched its own brand "Sifu Adachiya" using the same fabric for bags etc for the word’s first.

The paper cloth is a cloth woven as thin paper cut as a paper thread, it can be washed lightly and with good touch. Most of all, the naturally derived paper cloth has a antibacterial activity power of 99% or more, and the numerical value is more than twice as much compared to ordinary cloth. Ideal for materials for clothing and bags, it was only possible to produce with manual work by limited craftsmen, and the producers were short.

With such a background, it has declined since the Meiji Period, it is a paper cloth of excellent material,though.A person who worked hard to restore such paper cloth to modern times is Ms. Sadako Sakurai, a paper cloth creator. Influenced by her, the company utilized Takashima canvas's power weaving machine known for weaving high quality canvas to use paper cloth as its own brand. This has made it possible for us to produce by machine paper cloths, which was used to be produced manually only.

Moreover, its "paper cloth canvas", we are also developing "Washi Tape" to be used as a handle of bags, etc. as a new line-up. "Paper cloth" has existed since ancient times in Japan, and "Washi Tape" is a paper cloth product developed by "Sifu Adachiya". Tapes requiring tensile strength are woven with Okayama's power loom, which are only a few left within Japan, characterized by its strength and lightness compared to conventional one.

  • Washi which is the characteristic of "Sifu Adachiya" and naturally derived materials that can be returned to soil can be imaged with an authentic image of traditional craft "Washi" and environmentally friendly "eco" product image, and new value added are to be derived to existing products of each company. For the year 2020, the company's product will be a powerful candidate as a material to create new products targeting inbound.

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Our employees already had long experiences as craftworkers for 15-30 years when we have establised the company. We try to deal with many other product plannings other than bag to improve our technique. We won a grant from Tokyo for manufacturing/commerce/service innovation in 2015 as "test production and marketing of bag which is eco-friendly by using world heritage Japanese paper"

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