“Tough ranger”, a one-person conveyance stretcher that can be handled by just one person in any disaster and on bad roads.SYSTEMAX Co.


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Assembled “Tough ranger”, a one-person conveyance stretcher

Points to be noted

  • Site prioritized and user-focused product development
  • Product that meets the requirements
  • Importance was given to the idea of assembling instead of creating a new product

Usually, 2 or 4 persons carry stretchers used to transport sick or injured people. When a stretcher is used to carry an immobile person, it is very heavy. People carrying the stretcher have to maintain coordinated leg movement, and it is necessary for them to have some understanding. Such stretchers cannot be easily handled by everyone, for example, children, elderly people, and women.
“Tough Ranger”, a one-person conveyance stretcher designed by Systemx Co., Ltd to carry sick and injured people with ease in an emergency even when other personnel are not available.

Mr. Takanoyama is the representative of Sytemx Co. Ltd. and also an inventor. He was in charge of electrical design of machinery and equipment at a major machinery manufacturer for 20 years and now develops his own products.
Mr. Takanoyama said, “We develop products with a policy to make simple products that anyone can easily and reliably use without any concerns”.
The first product he developed as an inventor was “One Touch Speakers”, a set of speakers and roof carriers used for announcing information on disaster prevention and during election campaigns. He observed that screws were used in the existing models to attach the speakers which was time consuming, and developed speakers with suction cups that could be easily attached to and detached from all the vehicles in few seconds.

When Mr. Takanoyama was asked about the history of “Tough Ranger” development, he said that the opportunity came from a request to develop a stretcher about 10 years ago when he was participating in a manufacturing project at the “Katsushika Multi-Industry Conference”. Mr. Takanoyama with his experience in design worked on the project during the exchange conference.
The request for developing the stretcher came from the fire department of Ryoshi town in Miyagi prefecture. “Men in this area go for fishing and most of the firefighters are old women. The department has a general-purpose stretcher, but during training, even 4 people find it difficult to carry the stretcher for several meters as it is heavy. Please develop a stretcher that can be carried easily” was the request.
Mr. Takanoyama said that “Large manufacturers tend to focus on profits and it is difficult for them to meet the needs of the workplace”. He said that the project started with “Let’s develop a stretcher to solve the problem that women cannot carry people using the current stretchers”.

Transporting using the “Tough ranger”

The prototype was completed in 2011. Many improvements were made subsequently, and version 3 “Tough Ranger” is now on sale. The stretcher is easy to handle as the weight that is required to be lifted is less than 1/3 of conventional stretchers. The stretcher can be easily handled regardless of age or gender, and it can be used comfortably for moving a child studying in upper grade elementary school or one adult over long distances.
Large diameter wheels with self-sealing tire are used in the stretcher that can move with stability on lawns, sand and gravel, slightly muddy and bumpy roads. The shaking and vibrations have been suppressed so that it can be used for the conveyance of injured and sick persons with confidence. There are 2 types, 2-fold type and 4-fold type, both of which can be easily assembled and stored in about 1 minute without using any tools. The 4-fold type is of a compact size that reduces the storage capacity to less than 1/5.

“For example, in facilities for the elderly, though there are many situations where stretchers are the only available equipment for conveyance, very less people are available for carrying the stretcher. It is difficult for one person to place, carry, and lower the person”, says Mr. Koyasan.
With the progress of aging society, disaster prevention equipment and first aid kits that can be handled easily by anyone are essential, and many units of “Tough Ranger” have been delivered for regional disaster prevention in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, and hospitals at public health centers in Tokyo including Katsushika-ku. There are few opportunities to use equipment such as stretchers, and comparing the new stretcher to other products is difficult. Mr. Koyasan said that he would like to convey the benefits of “Tough Ranger” more clearly in the future.

【PV】“Tough ranger” in use

Interview Date: November 15, 2018


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