Mobile Vital Sign Monitoring Platform that can Quickly Share Electrocardiograms, Oxygen Saturation and More with Remote ScreensFUJITA MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS Co.,Ltd


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Enabling centralization of various vital sign data and sharing the data with remote locations via wireless communication in real-time

Product Name = Mobile Vital Signs Monitoring Platform "VIMMS"

Developed Based on the Needs of Emergency Medical Care Settings

What is essential in giving appropriate medical care is to understand the patient’s condition accurately. "VIMMS," a mobile vital signs monitoring platform by FUJITA MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS Co.,Ltd. has been developed in response to consultation with the Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine’s Department of Emergency Medicine & Critical Care. It is designed to enable real-time visualization of a patient’s vital data when he/she is carried to the emergency department and to help provide emergency medical care to many people in situations such as at disaster sites.

VIMMS is a system that links commercially available devices such as smartphones and tablets with measurement instruments such as blood pressure gauges via short-range wireless communication. It enables checking the vital sign data obtained from each instrument by displaying it on the device on-site or sharing the data with remote locations. With VIMMS, data such as blood pressure, electrocardiograms, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and perfusion index can be displayed synthetically in a style familiar to physicians, and the collected data will be immediately sent to the cloud, which enables emergency physicians and other medical staff at the hospital where the patient is being carried to check the data in real-time using their devices.

Consideration for the Ease of Handling in Medical Settings and Price

The company's conventional portable monitors had problems such as communication limitations and poor operability in actual settings. To address these issues, the company focused on utilizing wireless communication, installing batteries, and downsizing, and employed commercially available devices for the display. With the current product, the company successfully realizes quick information collection, taking advantage of the patented technology of enabling short-range wireless communication from multiple measurement instruments simultaneously to a single display device. As for the operability and functionality, the current product incorporates many improvements reflecting user feedback, such as adding a memory function to enable identification of the patient's current location using GPS and collecting his/her data at later times. Further, the company intends to enable the product to display the measurement data collected by non-invasive lactic acid measurements and intracranial pressure measurement equipment on the same platform in the future.

Another feature of the product is that it can link with the company's biofeedback-type anal physiotherapy equipment, which supports rehabilitation from impaired excretory function after colorectal cancer surgery. With this feature, matters that are difficult to report verbally to medical staff can be visualized numerically, which improves the rehabilitation effects. For ease of introduction, the company offers the product with consideration to the cost. The cost is kept down by using a commercially available device as a display device, linking the display device with each instrument that measures biological information to be collected separately, and other efforts.

Potential for Use in Telemedicine, At-home Nursing Care, and Daily Healthcare

The product, which can collect basic vital sign data quickly and at a relatively low cost, was tested in a demonstration experiment during the training of the Japanese DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team) in preparation for a tsunami associated with a Nankai Trough earthquake. Also, the product is attracting attention at medical equipment exhibitions domestically as well as outside Japan.

In addition to use by medical staff in medical settings, the product has the potential for helping in the event of a disaster if it is made available in advance at AED locations and public facilities. As the social trend is shifting toward telemedicine, at-home nursing care, and preventive healthcare, the product has the potential for being a means to address issues such as watching over people at home or in welfare facilities and for monitoring healthcare problems in remote areas.

As a fabless medical equipment manufacturer, the company has continued to develop various products that solve problems in medical settings through medical-industrial collaboration. This product has been developed in cooperation with a digital company, proving that the company is also passionate about joint development. We look forward to seeing what product the company will create in the future.

Coverage date October 13, 2020

Company Overview


FUJITA MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS is a medical equipment manufacturer that was established in 1972. The company has supported neurosurgeons' procedures with forceps and other medical equipment, and since 2014, the company has been expanding its business to include the manufacture and sale of various medical equipment as a fabless manufacturer. It develops products that solve challenges in medical practice by combining various needs of medical staff with the technology of a manufacturing company. It develops products that solve challenges in medical practice by combining various needs of medical staff with the technology of a manufacturing company.

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