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"Next-generation scratch repair painted crossguard" to be applied to finish paint
The paint has a spring-like molecular structure and bounces shockWAKAYAMA Co.,ltd


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With the spring-like molecular structure, "Next-generation scratch repair painted crossguard" to protect luxury goods from scratches.

Learnning Points

  • Trust relationship with cooperating manufacturers that enable long-term testing
  • Expertise to be able to complete color mixing and painting within our company

Wakayama, which is headquartered in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, known as the production place of spectacles, and is engaged in plating processing and color painting processing for eyeglass makers, etc., makes use of know-how from the paint industry for many years and scratchproof products. Since around 2014, we have done the painting by spectacle makers, etc. by "Crossguard" next-generation scratch repair paint developed in cooperation with paint makers.

"Crossguard" is a transparent liquid paint to be applied to products at the finishing stage of painting. It has a spring-like molecular structure in the paint film, it is characterized by having the property of catching a given shock softly and bouncing back. Due to this nature, for example, when a small item placed in a bag receives a shock, and a surface is dented, it is repaired immediately, and the product itself can keep its aesthetic without scratches. Besides plastics that are often used for glasses, paint can be applied to various materials, such as titanium, stainless steel, acrylic and resin materials, so that it can be painted on a variety of products. Also, there is also an advantage that it is possible to obtain a luxurious effect by giving a smooth touch and gloss.

The product was developed jointly with paint manufacturers, after development, it was delivered to local eyeglasses makers who have built up a relationship of trust and established for about 3 years in a testing manner. We gathered voices from end users and started full-fledged development as it gained popularity. CEO, Kentaro Wakayama, looks back; "We struggled to develop technology to bring cross-guard closely to various materials." We previously handled some color processing tasks for land patterns such as Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture, which is a major production area of spectacles, and high-end eyeglass makers, and as a result, "Crossguard" we propose a shape to apply. Apart from painting on eyeglass frames, we are also repairing scratch repair coatings for smoking articles such as high-end lighters and luxury ballpoint pens, and we are currently in the process of negotiations with manufacturers of beautiful face rollers, and main requests are from luxury goods makers.

The scratch repair paint itself existed, but there was a background that there was a lot of hurdles to overcome such as high cost to paint the color beautifully, cost to be high, etc., and diffusion did not proceed. However, "Crossguard" has the advantage of being able to do everything from color processing to painting in-house, CEO, Wakayama, is confident that "The cost can be reduced to 20 to 30 times lower than conventional products." In the future, we will also establish intimate relationships with clients other than eyeglass makers, drawing more information by feedback and drawing on the concept to make use of it in products.

  • Starting with glasses, restoration painting of Wakayama, which is expanding targets, such as smoking equipment and facial equipment. With its high technical capabilities, it seems possible to apply to products that satisfy the condition of small size and high price such as luxury brand accessories. CEO, Wakayama, of the company said that "Anything can be applied that is of a size to carry in one hand," and further popularization can be expected from now on.

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World-renounced “Made in Sabae” glasses. Surface treatment technology is indispensable for the production of glasses. Since its founding, Wakayama has been working hard to meet demands and deliver products with high quality and short delivery times. Taking advantage of the precise and high technology that we have cultivated so far, we have been handling various products in addition to glasses in recent years.

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