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Purify water simply by pushing the manual pump. A unique three-layer filter blocks the passage of bacteria, mold, etc.

Product Name = Emergency water purifier "Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini"

In an emergency, you can purify water from expired bottled water or leftover bath water

One of the most important preparations for natural disasters is to ensure a supply of drinking water which is essential for human life. Manufactured by Miyasaka Kougyo Co., Ltd., Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini is an emergency water purifier for making clean drinking water from expired bottled water or rainwater, water from pools and water storage tanks, leftover bathwater, and the like.

The use of conventional water purifiers is limited by their large size. However, Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini has a capacity of about 18 liters and is easy to carry. Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini is extremely easy to operate. To purify water, simply press the manual pump several times. The purifier can be used even when no power supply is available. Despite this high performance, the price has been reduced to anywhere between 20% to 5% of conventional products. Safety is the most important aspect of water purifiers. The proprietary filter unit removes trash, odor, pathogens, mold, and protozoa, as well as the thirteen substances specified for removal according to the Household Goods Quality Labeling Act. During inspection by an organization registered with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, it was confirmed that Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini creates drinking water from bottled water which has been expired for twelve years. This means significant reduction in cost and decrease of plastic waste if Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini is used by municipalities or other groups which store a large amount of water bottles.

Three-layer filter catches garbage, odor, bacteria, etc.

The purifier consists of a plastic tank designed to be lightweight, durable, and easy to carry, as well as a mobile pump and a water valve with an attached proprietary filter unit developed by Miyasaka Kougyo. The filter unit has a three-layer structure consisting of an MF hollow fiber membrane filter, a granular activated carbon filter, and a pre-filter made of non-woven paper, sponge, and carbon. The filter enables advanced water purification. It is also possible to remove the pre-filter for cleaning and replace the non-woven paper. These unprecedented functions have been highly evaluated. Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini received the Monozukuri Life Civilization Organization Chairman's Prize, part of the 2019 Super Monozukuri Parts Awards.

In the eighteen months since its release, more than 1,500 Cokkun Nomeruzo Minis have been shipped. The purifiers are used in a wide range including administrative organizations, schools, residents' associations, corporations, condominiums, and individuals. We received the following feedback from a university which adopted the purifier: "Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini offers high performance at a low price. It is also a great point that stored water can be reused."

Towards water purification systems that support human lives around the world

Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini was developed from the experience of Miyasaka Kougyo when the company was providing disaster relief in response to flooding of the Kinu River in September 2014. The company witnessed how many people were unable to come to the water supply truck. At first, Miyasaka Kougyo had trouble obtaining the bacteria (Legionella bacteria, etc.) necessary for confirming the safety of the purifier. However, thanks to cooperation from the partner company ACERA Co., Ltd., Miyasaka was finally able to commercialize the purifier. Including Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini, the Kokkun Nomeruzo series features three types depending on the size of the evacuation shelter, etc., and the use of the purifier.

Sample shipment of Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini to developing countries is being conducted as a part of water purification equipment to secure drinking water. What role will the water purification function of Miyasaka Kougyo fulfill in Japan and on the global stage in the future? The answer to this question will be the subject of great attention.

Coverage date December 12,2019


Company overview

Miyasaka Kougyo Co., Ltd.

Miyasaka Kougyo Co., Ltd. is a precision parts processing manufacturer that was established in 1985. With centerless grinding as the main business pillar, Miyasaka Kougyo conducts ultra-fine linear processing and surface grinding. The company also manufactures and sells in-house developed products such as the one-touch lubrication valve Cokkun and the emergency water purifier Cokkun Nomeruzo series. Cokkun Nomeruzo Mini won the Monozukuri Life Civilization Organization Chairman's Prize at the 2019 Super Monozukuri Parts Awards, and the Silver Prize at the 2018 Disaster Prevention Product Awards.

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