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Emergency Escape Tool for Cars Certified by JIS StandardYP System Co., Ltd.,


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Window Breaking Tool to Escape from Cars During Emergencies

  • Instead of complacently handling subcontracting work from large manufacturers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a solid track record in various business areas gathered together to create an entirely new product.

An originally developed surface treatment technology that combines the advantages of plating and coating

YP System Co., Ltd., established in 1987, runs a surface treatment business of metals like plating and Alumite. While conducting joint research through university-industry collaboration and receiving subsidies from public institutions, the company also actively develops its original technologies. Through these efforts, they have developed a supercritical plating method, new aluminum anode oxidation method, conducive polymer thin film with dramatically improved conductivity, and gas phase washing machine using carbon dioxide.

The revolutionary surface treatment technology using cold black chrome (CBC) developed by YP System combines the rust prevention qualities of plating and corrosion proof qualities of coating. This method can be used on iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum materials. The company further advanced this technology and developed “color CBC,” making it possible to closely attach coating onto a coated layer formed on the surface of the material. After color CBC treatment, the coated layer will not peel off even after sheet metal processing, press punching, and cutting work, allowing precision processing to be done freely even after the surface treatment. This method also features the benefit of reducing the coating amount used. Color CBC technology transforms the conventional process of surface treatment after processing raw material, and it expands the possibilities of cross-boundary collaboration between the two completely different businesses areas of plating and coating. Color CBC is being used in increasingly more fields, including the surface treatment of doorknobs by a major building material manufacturer.

Cold black chrome (CBC) treated material

Jointly developed an emergency escape tool for cars certified by JIS standard

As a new business initiative, YP System commercialized Shobo Rescue, an emergency escape tool for cars. Passengers who get in car accidents may come across situations where they luckily survive but are trapped inside the car due to deformed doors. There are more than a few cases where people burn to death from engine fires or drown to death due to being unable to escape from their car. YP System, aiming to develop a tool to help save lives in these types of situations, gathered over ten companies with a solid record in their respective fields to launch a new project. The alliance of these companies soon faced great challenges in combining their skills and knowledge and taking the initiative to develop a consumer product on their own, because their usual operations consisted of subcontracting work from large manufacturers. However, in 2005, the alliance of companies became the 1st recipients of the New Partnership certificate issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, an assistance program for corporate groups mainly consisting of SMEs starting new businesses or developing new products.

Shobo Rescue features three functions: a cutter function to cut seatbelts, a breaking function to break windows, and an extinguishing function to extinguish fires with CO2 extinguishing agents. There is no other product like it in the world. Domestic automakers have adopted the product as a genuine part, and it is sold at car dealerships across Japan. In the 2009 financial year, it received the Good Design Award and won high acclaim. The CO2 extinguishing agent used by Shobo Rescue only extinguishes fire and does not leave any stains after use, so YP System also has Shobo miny for household use in their product lineup in hopes that its products would be used in a wide range of fields.

In September 2016, the Japan Industrial Standards Committee enacted a JIS Standard on Emergency Escape Support Tools for Cars, which complies with the qualities of Shobo Rescue such as cutting seatbelts and breaking windows, meaning that a product created by a group of SMEs was certified as Japan's national standard.

Shobo Rescue

Looking outside of the industry and identifying social needs

Hideo Yoshida, Representative Director of YP System states, “Instead of coming up with new ideas from seeds already existing in the industry, we need to look outside of the industry to discover what's truly demanded in society.” Both color CBC and Shobo RESCUE were born from such a perspective. Looking outside of one's current industry may help us come up with ideas to connect different skills, and may open new pathways to unprecedented innovation.

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YP System Co., Ltd.,

runs a surface treatment business of metals like plating and Alumite.

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