Quick and accurate measurement of sheet-shaped paper or cloth instead of rulers or tape measuresTOKYO NIHOS Co.,Ltd


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Fast measurement simply by sandwiching the object between the two upper and lower rollers and pulling

Product Name = "Handy Measure Sheet"

Precise measurement of sheet-like objects with a maximum length of 1 km

"Handy Measure Sheet" is a tool that can quickly, easily, and accurately measure the length of sheet-like objects such as cloth and paper. Simply hold the Handy Measure Sheet with one hand, sandwich the cloth or paper to be measured between the upper and lower rollers, and then pull the object to be measured with your other hand. The length is displayed in 1 cm units on the counter on top of the Handy Measure Sheet.

Until now, when using a ruler to measure the length of a sheet-like object such as a piece of cloth, it was necessary to repeatedly shift the position of the ruler and then add the numbers. Furthermore, errors are created each time the cloth is pinched, and sometimes the problem of forgetting to count the numbers occurs. On the other hand, the rollers of the Handy Measure Sheet accurately catch the object being measured. This enables accurate measurement without any hassle. Even more, the error rate is 0.24%.

Even if the target object is pulled too much and the required length is exceeded, the target object can be pulled back and the required length can be measured. Handy Measure Sheet can measures objects up to 1 km.

Urethane rubber roller achieves high accuracy

Handy Measure Sheet was developed by the distributor Tokyo Nihos Co., Ltd. For more than 10 years, the company has continued to pursue "technology which enables a single person to easily and accurately measure long cloth."

The key to Handy Measure Sheet is the upper and lower rollers, which are 26 mm in width. These rollers are made of transparent urethane rubber with a hardness of 70 degrees, so they are resistant to slippage and there is no worry about color migration. When the button close at hand is pressed, the lower roller descends and pinches a sheet-like object with a thickness of 0.01 mm to 10 mm. Accuracy tends to vary when sandwiched by springs, etc. However, Handy Measure Sheet has a mechanism in which the upper and lower rollers adhere to the measurement target with constant force and a stopper is applied in order to maintain high accuracy. A patent was acquired in 2019.

Moreover, by using a vice to secure the Handy Measure Sheet, it is possible to perform measurement while pulling the object being measured with both hands. This is effective in cases such as measuring a large number of sheets.

Exploring embedded applications and expanding OEM supply

Handy Measure Sheet has already been sold to 50 companies. The product is used in a wide range of scenes such as measuring of cloth and vinyl sheets for sale at home centers and handicraft stores, measurement of flooring material and wallpaper at construction and renovation sites, measurement and remaining quantity inspection for ribbon and tape, and measurement of paper and cardboard.

Handy Measure Sheet has received overwhelming praise from work sites: "When measuring several sheets of paper and cloth, we simply pull the sheets straight through and then check the display numbers. This eliminates the hassle of measuring." "It's so much easier than having to stand up and squat down when using a tape measure." Handy Measure Sheet can also measure projector films with a width of 35 mm and a thickness of 0.03 mm without causing scratches or wrinkles.

In addition to Handy Measure Sheet, the company offers a "Handy Measure" series with a total of four types in the lineup, including a table type that is permanently attached to a table for use, a free type enabling use of only the rollers on the main body, and a cord type which supports measurement of cables. The series is being used in a wide range of manufacturing industries such as fiber products, paper processed products, cords, air hoses, ropes, wires, rubber, and leather. Going forward, Tokyo Nihos will continue to listen to opinions from on-site, with a particular focus on cultivating embedded applications and expanding OEM supply.

Coverage date January 28, 2020


Company overview

Tokyo Nihos Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Nihos Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. Its head office is located in Okutama Town, Tokyo. Manufactures and sells a wide range of measuring instruments such as various handy measures, walking distance measuring instruments (rolling measure), various types of attached length measuring instruments, and physical fitness measuring instruments for schools (meter for measuring stretching in the pike position). Also supports domestic OEM supply for partner brands. Tokyo Nihos exports its brand to 31 countries.

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