"SRX" enables easy and stress-free lock and releaseTOK Inc.


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SRX can be easily attached or detached with only one press

Product name = “SRX”

Achieve labor savings with an easy-to-use detachable device

Many products in the world, whether daily necessities, industrial machines, or medical instruments, are made up of connected components. The “SRX” detachable device developed by TOK makes it possible to more easily and reliably connect these components together. There is no need for special tools or alignment, and two components can be locked (fastened) by softly pressing with one hand. After fastening, one of the components can be rotated. They can be released (separated) by just softly pressing again, so anyone young or old should have no difficulty.

The allowable load of components fastened with “SRX” is 10 kg in the push-in direction and 5 kg in the pull-out direction. You can also hang up to 10kg. Withstands being attached and detached 50,000 times. This device is so easy-to-use and long-lasting that it can be used in various areas such as household equipment, home appliances, and medical and nursing care products. It will likely be put to use in many other industries and circumstances where saving labor and rationalizing operations are desirable.

Facing the need for "unprecedented movement"

The operating performance of "SRX" is achieved with the company's original detachment mechanism. The vertical movement applied to the shaft (1) by the user's “pushing force” is converted by the linear core (2) and stationary core (3) to rotational movement. This rotates the rotary core (4) and controls the movement of the slider (5) to enable fastening and separation.

The development of this product was triggered by the need to, without using a tool, easily fasten and separate items such as handrails at medical sites, wheelchair headrests, parts of various machines at manufacturing sites, and end effector parts of robot arms. This need is spreading to many industries and circumstances.

With its management philosophy of “unprecedented movement,” the company first worked out what the ideal movements and operation method would be, then started the conceptual design. We arrived at the optimal combination of machine elements through repeated prototype design, verification, and design review, and then commercialized after mass production design, validation, and hazard assessment. Exterior design was focused on details to enhance the product value, such as outsourcing to a design company (TIDS Co., Ltd.).

Rotating shaft that transfers the power of machines, etc.

Customization to meet customer requirements is also under consideration

Sales of the standard “SRX” are moving forward, and the company is responding to inquiries from the furniture, game machine, medical equipment, and sanitary product fields. When a consultation for implementation is received, the company first checks how the item to be outfitted with the SRX is used, as well as the required quantity, delivery specifications, and delivery date, and then considers whether it can provide support. The company will continue research to further develop "SRX" with a view to selling customized products that meet customer demands, for example, by changing the length, providing gears on the outer circumference, and preventing static charges.

Coverage date July 1, 2019


Company overview

TOK Inc.

Since its founding in 1938, TOK has been combining its exceptional rotation, buffering, power shut-off, transmission, and speed control technologies to continuously provide products that are indispensable to the world—in other words, products only TOK can create. TOK is developing operations with the vision of becoming an attractive company with sustainable growth. On the manufacturing side, the company is working on measures to fully automate and improve job satisfaction, as well as continue managing worker health.

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