"Scut Drill" adopting "Cutting load distributed system" to disperse the load on the bladeTANOI MFG


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Provide know-how as a tap maker. Tool for CFRP "Scut Drill" which produces a stable hole diameter

Learnning Points

  • Expressive power to create another product from existing know-how
  • Strong thought for products that have achieved long-term development

Specialized manufacturer: TANOI factory, which is taps and dies specialized in screw processing. Miyagi TANOI, the Miyagi factory, has developed a tool to punch holes in the material called "Thermosetting CFRP" used in aircraft. By utilizing the skills cultivated as a specialized manufacturer of taps and dies indispensable for the processing and production of screws, we have created a "Scut Drill" that can make a hole diameter more stable than conventional products.

"Scut Drill" is a drill that applied the shape of the tap blade to the cutting edge. "Cutting load distributed system" adopted the product which cuts a hole with a tip blade, and many circular blades gradually expand the hole. In the conventional cutting of CFRP made of carbon fiber and resin, the load concentrates on the blade at the tip, so the "hole" (and the delamination) occurred as the ridge-shaped protrusions in the hole diameter. However, in this product, not only the tip but also a large number of knurled threads provided on the circumference of the drill are cut, so the load is dispersed, and the burr can be suppressed. Mr. Tomokazu Tabe of our technical department says "Powerful technology that can only be done by tap maker". It is said that the cutting heat at the time of processing is reduced by about 15% compared with the conventional product.

The development of "Scut Drill" began in 2012, after long trial and error, handling began from the autumn of 2017. Especially what we struggled with was the optimum shape of the blade shape to distribute the load. We repeated the analysis using the dynamometer to which part of the cutting edge the load concentrates and received advice from specialized research institutions etc. and made improvements to find the optimum thread shape and the shape of the cut groove. Drilling with this product provides a stable hole diameter without variations, so it is highly effective regarding the efficiency of work and cost reduction. Since CFRP is currently being used not only in aircraft but also in automobile bodies and tire shafts, medical instruments, etc. for weight saving, the possibility of utilization of the "Scut Drill" in such scenes will increase in future.

Currently, orders are progressing from major heavy industry manufacturers related to aircraft, and we are moving steadily towards practical application at the filed. Mr. Tabe says that firstly it should get a solid reputation in the country and finally looking at expanding overseas with a large aircraft market size. It is a blueprint currently drawn to improve awareness by PR in the media and exhibit in the exhibition, and aiming to spread the "Scut Drill".

  • When the current situation that CFRP is not limited to aircraft and the use in various fields such as automobiles is expanding is into consideration, we can imagine that the demand for special tools will expand in the future. Dispersing the load leads to the extension of the life of the tool itself as a result, so it can be expected to affect cost performance.

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The parent company Tanoi Works Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, as a professional manufacturer of taps and dies specializing in screw processing, we accumulated technology and know-how, developed and manufactured numerous one off products, and contributes to customer's manufacturing and production.

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